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Discover how to finally break through the wall of distrust to create deep and long-lasting meaningful relationships and help others do the same.

Join us on an epic journey of self-discovery of The Mindset®

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Dear Friend, hope you are well…

The world is calling your name… it is yearning for people who know how to create trust with others. And those that can do that, in a deep and meaningful way, will become the role models for future generations. There is a massive void in the world right now of trust and integrity, and I’m writing to you personally, to ask you to step forward and to do something significant about it.

I don’t need to tell you how critical it is, at this very point in our lives, that we do something about the growing trust deficit in our world. You’ve read the news, just like I have, and I’m not saying you and I are going to change the world, but at the least, we should do something about creating deeper trust within our personal and business relationships. I’m not talking about launching a social media campaign to voice your opinion to try and influence others, or to go out and protest about it, or any other activities like that try and get others to change. Instead, I’m talking about giving you the most profound and transformational Mindset Shift you have ever experienced in your entire life.

Over the years we’ve had thousands of people who have come through our doors, thinking they have mastered the Mindset, saying “I get this already…”, and out the door they went to try and master the Mindset on their own. Then they come back saying: “I’ve slipped back to my old ways again, I should have committed to really going deep on the Mindset.” Just like riding a bike, you need someone supporting you as you get off your training wheels. Making sure you don’t fall, as you wobble from side to side—until finally you take off and “own” the ride.

So too with the Mindset, those who are willing to immerse themselves at a deep level, willing to put in the effort – like with Aikido, you don’t become a Master overnight – ultimately become the role models of trust and success. It takes time with a Master Practitioner to understand the nuances.  It is the small things that make the biggest difference. Breaking down the moves, into bite-size doable actions.

The real breakthroughs come from being in a small group experience, over an intensive period of time, with a Master Practitioner, who can work with you and your small group on a personal level – so you don’t slip out of the Mindset and default back to the way you used to be. 

This opportunity is for those want to make a serious LEAP forward in “owning” the Mindset for the rest of their lives, and if you choose, helping others to do the same. The study of the Mindset, deserves its own deep dive for those who really  want to immerse themselves in it as a permanent way of communicating, not just with potential clients, but in all of their relationships, both personally and professionally.

If you want the Mindset to seep into every nook and cranny of your being, so that in any instant, with anyone in your life, your mindset is in the right place and the right words just flow out of you naturally… Then this opportunity is for you!

Think about it for a moment, where else could you use the Mindset in your life? What if you could create instant and deep trust with those who you interact with on a daily basis (your business prospects and contacts, your kids, your partner, your husband or wife, estranged family member, or should I even say your in-laws? How would your life change for the better, at all levels? Is that even possible — you might be asking yourself with a tinge of skepticism. Twenty-years of working one-on-one with business people from all over the world, on their ability to create trust with others, tells me it absolutely is.

Guess what? Building trust with a potential client, that I deemed as “Trust-Based Selling” over two decades ago…has a deep and profound underlying meaning — replace the word “Selling” with “Communication” and guess what you get? Trust-Based Communication® (yes, I have trademarked that name).

You see, our Unlock The Sales Game® Mindset is working for thousands of people globally, and it has made such a profound impact on the professional and personal lives of so many people, that we decided to expand the power of the mindset into a six-month deep-dive certification program – so you can become Certified On Our Trust-Based Mindset.

What does becoming Certified On Our Trust-Based Mindset mean for you, your income and your life?

What if you could create a new income stream for yourself by logging into Zoom and get paid to coach on the Mindset? What if you could add a new coaching offering to your current business, helping your clients and your network, master the Mindset to increase their sales and help them create better relationships in their lives?

What if you, just for yourself, want to fully “own” the Mindset so you can create deeper and trusting relationships on a daily basis, so you can get to the truth with others in your personal and work life —so you can live a life of complete authenticity? 

Becoming Certified On Our Trust-Based Mindset has endless possibilities, but only if you fit one of these criteria:

Get Certified on The Mindset® 

Join us on an epic journey of self-discovery of The Mindset®

Do any of the above apply to you?

If so, and you are accepted into our 6-month certification program, you’ll have the opportunity to use your new and unique skills to help others “own” the Mindset to be successful in their businesses and personal lives.

Look, this is not a franchise or a licensing opportunity, meaning we aren’t going to give you a “business-in-a-box” and charge you six-figures and above and promise you the world. Instead, what this is, is a comprehensive Mindset knowledge transfer and personal transformation for you, so you have the confidence to coach yourself or if you wish, others one-on-one on the Mindset – and we will give you the skills, tools and frameworks to be able to do that.

Is our Trust-Based Mindset something you can see yourself mastering long term, to make a difference for you and others, who want to use the Mindset in their own lives? The world has been shaken to its core this year, and it needs you to rise up with the values of trust and integrity to help rebuild people’s confidence in their ability to build trust with others, and to grow their businesses again. You will be part of the economic recovery that is so needed right now.

Making The Mindset A Conscious And Natural Habit.

The foundation of the Mindset is really Trust-Based Communication®—and if you want to make trust-based communication a natural part of how you think and communicate, the mindset is the key.

Trust-based languaging, tone and speed can be learned, as any skill can, but “owning” the Mindset is different, it requires a fundamental shift in your thinking – overriding how you’ve been accustomed to communicate from those that have influenced you over the years, including your parents, peers, friends and business advisors.

You see, the Mindset goes against how most people think and behave. As life moves fast and society gets more connected and expansive, we have less time to look inwards and challenge our own self-talk and behaviors.

That is why this foundational certification program is so life-changing. It will give you a profound purpose to immerse yourself in your own trust-based mindset to change your own life. When you own the Mindset, you create deeper connections with your partners, new potential clients, even with your children.

The best thing is, once you start to embrace even one element of the Mindset, you’ll experience an incredible shift in your life… and you’ll want to experience more of what the Mindset offers you.

Our Mindset is not just a sales methodology or technique, it’s really the truest form of authentic communication. No filters, no agenda, no games… only the truth – which is what healthy relationships are all about.

Get Certified on The Mindset®

Join us on an epic journey of self-discovery of The Mindset®

I could go on and on… but I think you understand the potential of the making the Mindset a part of your life and the way you think—and how you communicate with others, without any friction.

We want you to feel happier and more confident in all of your communications. We want you to feel more open to communicating with people you don’t know well, in any environment, with confidence. We want you to become acutely self-aware of your own mindset and how it can evolve to make you a better person and to help you build incredibly solid relationships around you. This epic self-discovery journey will be fascinating and exciting for you! 

Your home life will become more fulfilling for you. Your sales conversations will become flawless. Your business will run more effectively as you build layers of trust with your staff. Your workplace will become a more creative and innovative place, because relationships are healthier and more relaxed.

The results of having these trust-based relationships will give you a surge in your confidence levels, throughout your life. You’ll become better and better at creating trust through a more remarkable ability to understand others. To help them achieve clarity with thoughtful questions and empathic behaviour. To generate happiness previously not experienced. The world needs more people like you who have the courage to explore their own mindset and are open to expanding it to a place of complete trust. Together, we need to create more trust in the world, not less. 

We need to improve our relationships, not push ourselves away from them. We need to help our children grow up in a society where trust is held as the ultimate value to achieve above all others. That is why we are so passionate about opening up this opportunity for you to join us in adopting our Trust-Based Communication® Mindset to change how people behave around others.

We want you to learn this and become Certified On Our Trust-Based Mindset so you can teach others to pass it on to others, so the Mindset spreads and trust becomes a top priority again. We want people to be more thoughtful in how they communicate so that people can be open and honest with each other — so that our society is driven by trust and authenticity.

We want to start to see a change in the world that makes us proud—a legacy that we can leave to our children that can make the world a better place.

Here’s a brief summary of the high-level details of the six-month Trust-Based Communication® certification program (specific details will be shared if you’re selected for an interview, after you submit your application) :

Here’s the process to express your interest in this Certified On Our Trust-Based Mindset opportunity:

Get Certified on The Mindset® 

Join us on an epic journey of self-discovery of The Mindset®

We will be closing enrolment once our maximum limit of 30 members is reached, which we know will be very quickly, given the demand for this once-in-a-life-time opportunity.

When you become certified and “own” the Mindset, you can then charge others to be coached by you, to create a new income stream for yourself. Come with an open mind, let go of your internal resistance, and be ready to start a journey you will have wished you started, years ago.

To your success