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“Ari is changing the game of sales and business!”

“Unlock The Game is a new way to sell that is respectful, intelligent and extremely effective. Ari tells the truth that resonates with entrepreneurs, business owners and sales professionals who want to take their business to the next level. Ari is changing the game of sales and business!” 

Siimon Reynolds

Australia’s Advertising and Media Expert

“My sales team’s sales results are up significantly and Unlock The Game is now our secret weapon”

Unlock The Game has been the breakthrough we have been looking for since we started our business. As a multi-million dollar company, our sales growth is critical for us to reach our target goal of $10 million in turnover, and now that we have implemented Unlock The Game across our entire business, our sales numbers and company culture are all in alignment to reach our goal. My sales team’s sales results are up significantly and Unlock The Game is now our secret weapon.”

Randall Smith

Managing Director, Churchill Education, Brisbane - Australia

“Unlock The Game has completely transformed our entire company!”

We can’t stop talking about Ari’s Unlock The Game and how much it has impacted our entire company from sales to customer service and even our own staff. We’ve implemented the trust-based strategies that Ari teaches and it has transformed our company to a level I never thought possible. At first I thought it would just impact our sales, but then I realized that it had the power to transform our entire company and that’s exactly what it has done. If you’re an entrepreneur and haven’t implemented Unlock The Game across your company, you have no idea how much you are losing.”

Dale Beaumont

Managing Director, Business Blueprint, Sydney Australia

“Since we implemented Unlock The Game, our sales have grown to over $200,000/month with our largest single sale yet of $48,000”

I keep asking myself why we didn’t invest in Unlock The Game years ago…so much opportunity that we could have brought into the company was lost. Ari’s program has been the single most powerful sales shift that has made the biggest impact to our company. Implementing Unlock The Game across our organization has been nothing short of remarkable. Before we did that, we were struggling to meet our monthly sales targets. Since then our sales have grown to over $200K/month with a record $48K single sale. All of our sales conversation have shifted towards total trust and trust is what is boosting our sales. Even price resistance has gone away from prospects looking at purchasing from us. By stepping into our customer’s world, we are finally connecting in ways we never could have done before and this has now been a major competitive advantage that we have now. We are completely in awe with Ari and his unique sales approach.”

Peter Morrissey

Managing Director, Time and Attendance Technologies

“Now I don’t have to use those horrible sales scripts that everyone hates!”

“When I joined my company, the first thing we got in the training program was the same old script that you probably hear all the time — “Hi, how are you today? I’m calling to see if you’d be interested in a new business opportunity where you can earn supplemental income with very little investment?” Uugggh!
My personality has never been on the aggressive side, so when I found Ari’s program and realized I can still be successful in network marketing without being associated with the negative stereoytype of a network marketer, I knew I found the sales program for me.”

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Ben Cross


“Ari’s program has transformed our entire thinking and results as it relates to selling to our prospects and clients. Unlock The Game has revolutionized our business by helping us weed out prospects who have no intention of buying, and it get’s us away from the traditional “salesperson” stereotype that we, especially here in Australia, hate so much. Making more sales without having to sell the old way is the best kept secret around. If you’re the least bit skeptical about Ari’s program, don’t hesitate to call me.”

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Taki Moore

Action International, Sydney - Australia

“I’ve Already Made $27,000 In New Sales Revenue With Ari’s Program and Didn’t Have to Sacrifice My Integrity and Values To Earn It!”

“I hated the idea of being associated with the negative “salesperson” stereotype, that’s why I was never good at selling. Fast forward to today — I signed up for Ari’s Unlock The Game program, immersed myself in his materials, coaching and strategies, and almost over night, made an extra $27,000 in new sales revenue. We are told we’re supposed to be selling ourselves and our products, but the idea of lowering myself to old school sales behavior just didn’t fit with my personality and values. I can now express myself to a potential client in a way where they see me as trustworthy and caring. What Ari has done, is completely re-invent the definition of what selling is, and has turned a painful rejection-filled process into one of authenticity and sustained results. Don’t hesitate for a second to sign up for Ari’s program, you’ll thank yourself ten times over.”

Murray Priestly

Business Consultant, Sydney, Australia

“My marketing business has really exploded since I’ve experienced Unlock The Game”

I used to run a marketing company and my sales staff did ok, but didn’t work at peak performance until we studied Unlock The Game.Since this time, Medici Marketing has grown 83% since the time we initially studied the course and had my very first interaction with Adam (my coach here in Australia) back in early 2006.

Both my staff and I are so very relieved that we come across the Mastery Program when we did, as we were struggling and “Hated” making outbound sales calls. A lot of people will say that cold calling is dead, and marketing is the way to go, and I totally agree with that to a degree.

I would rather re-phrase that and say the “old way” of cold calling is dead, but not the Unlock The Game way, it teachs you how to effectively pickup the phone and call potential clients, and handle inbound leads very effectively in a time when trust is at it’s lowest (espescially when it comes to selling). What a breath of fresh air your course and coaching has been to us.

This program has been a turning point in my company’s success, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Anton Stout

Managing Director, "Medici Marketing" - Melbourne - Australia

“A massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders “

The moment I received the Unlock The Game program, I absorbed every word. It has made all of the difference in the world.

I no longer have to work myself up to make cold calls and, the shift to your mindset has relaxed my style and taken a massive weight off my shoulders. I will always be a dedicated student of your teachings.”

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Adam Price

Australia, Sales & Marketing Manager

“Unlock The Game is life changing. I’ve been in sales and marketing in Australia for over 17 years and this program has single handedly made a breakthrough in my own selling results. It’s a major mindset shift that has been long and coming in the selling world. The results are fantastic!’

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Greg Sweet

Consultant, Vitality For Life, Australia

“I was in telesales and in a lot of pain, from getting icy responses from prospects”

When I found Ari’s Unlock The Game and connected with my coach here in Australia, it was magic. I went from being scared and timid, to being able to pick up the phone and call anyone at anytime without fear. And it’s like calling ‘old friends’.

I know make up to $20,000 a month on the telephone, and I absolutely love cold calling and connecting with people. And, I now use the power of cold calling and Unlock The Game, by leveraging what I’ve learnt from Ari’s.

Not only do I use the program to makes sales via cold calling, I also use it to created Joint Business Ventures with very influential business leaders, as well as strategic alliances that has proven so very successful for me.

Thank you Ari and Adam for being such a gift in my life.

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John Anderson

Marketing Manager - "Life Beyond Limits" Melbourne - Australia

“The skills I’m learning from Unlock The Game are helping me in all aspects of sales and life… Simply Amazing!”

Since meeting Adam Price (my Unlock The Game Coach) I have developed skills that have improved my relationships with clients and prospective clients. Adam is a truly insightful and amazing man. The sales techniques I am using now after receiving coaching from Adam have increased rapport between myself and potential buyers of our services. The skills I am learning, developing and implementing in my life are also assisting me with my personal relationships with family, friends and others I meet outside of business.

These skills are complementing new ways of thinking I am developing and new systems in business I am introducing that I have also learnt from both my personal coach and friend who is a business coach.

I cannot recommend Adam Price and Ari’s Unlock The Game Sales Program highly enough to anyone who wants to learn new ways to overcome objections and to develop mutually beneficial relationship building skills especially when negotiating with others. Like me you can learn how to successfully and subtly draw new clients toward you.

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Sherynne Smith

Business Development Manager, Sentry Networks Newcastle NSW Australia

“Unlock The Game is light years ahead of it’s time giving salespeople hope in a world that’s weary of salespeople”

I’ve discovered since studying the Unlock The Game program how deep and high in quality an actual cold call can be. I have experienced this, becuase since I learned about the Mastery Program process and becoming extremely good friends with the Australian coach here in Newcastle (Adam Price) my life and sales in general have blossomed beautifully.

Being a very successful life coach myself, I’ve never liked the traditional “hard sales” style of selling, because I’ve seen the soul destroying effects it has on sales people, and have had to life coach many people out of the rut they’ve worked themselves into because of constant rejection and failure in their job (sales being one of the main culprits).

When a sales person has to resort to high-pressure sales tactics to try and make their sales quota, they simply hate it, and the pressure has become overbearing for both salespeople and prospects. On top of this, the added stress of having to “pitch” unnaturally to try and make their sales quoata, can literally eat away at them and eventually if left unattended has been known to destroy their entire life.

I truly believe in the low-pressure mindset behind Unlock The Game, which Ari has brilliantly created, I think it’s absolutely phenomenal. As it restores a salesperson’s integrity, sense of purpose and makes them confident and proud to be able to pickup the phone and make calls “successfully” without pain or soul destroying rejection. If you’re considering the possibility of whether this course is worth it… “Do it”, you won’t regret it.

Phil Evans

Newcastle - Australia

“At first I was skeptical that Ari’s ideas would eliminate my nervousness when making cold calls, but to my pleasant surprise I realized today that I don’t actual feel nervous any more and I’m now quietly confident and very relaxed.”

Phillip Bugler

Senior Consultant, Continuum Services - Australia

“My Sales Keep Going Up Thanks to Ari’s Sales Mindset and Strategies”

“Ari, thank you so much. Over the past couple of years my sales have kept growing to the point where it allowed me to buy my own business. I’m always thinking about your Unlock The Game Mindset and strategies in everything I do. When I can connect with someone at a human level and build trust with them wonderful things happen. Your philosophy continues to drive my business decisions and keeps pay off. Thanks for creating a sales program that truly makes a difference in everyone’s lives.”

Marek Felinski

CEO, Action Reply

“I feel SO much more relaxed when making my sales calls!”

“The shift in my mindset has been amazing.Thank you so much for all your help. Objection handling has been my biggest challenge. You have just made it easier for me to face this challenge. You are an absolute genius! Your mindset is making so much sense so far. In my previous sales roles (as a Financial Planner), there was only one mindset – sell at any cost! I’m so glad to be removed from this mentality.Thank you so much for the great materials mate!”.

Ron Prasad

Melbourne Victoria

“Unlock The Game has completely changed my life!”

“I am so in love with what Unlock The Game has done for me that I created my own UTG t-shirt that I wear on the weekends. I am now getting a 80-90 % reply rate on my emails now after implementing and devouring every word in your program. In terms of immediate results, this is a huge improvement for me. In terms of making sales calls, well that’s a breeze now. It is coming out all unconsiously now. It just flows. No stressing about what to say or anything. I just pick up the phone and I trust myself knowing that what I will say will come from the right mindset. I would say this only happened because of the total immersion into the mindset!”

Marc Miles

Brisbane, Australia

“Our company has learned every sales system you can imagine.”

We thought we knew it all, until we engaged Ari and worked with him ourselves. It’s rare that I’m ever humbled, but that’s what happened to me and my team when we started working with Ari. Within the first 2 weeks, we closed our first $50,000 sale. I’ve been on Ari’s list for years, and now I’m kicking myself for not have engaged him earlier to work with us to break our old habits of chasing prospects and trying to close the sale. Now the reverse is happening, the sales are coming to us without resistance, I think I’m in sales heaven! Thanks Ari, you’re the best.”

Mark Robinson

CEO, Acquire Wealth Solutions, Australia

“Voila! I Followed Exactly What You Taught Me and I Got Results!”

“I was at your session signed up for your program. I have to say I found you very personable (yes, even for an American!) and the focus on language and tone refreshing. I’ve been through Solution Selling before and internal sales programs; I’ve worked and debated with Sales Managers about whether they would rather I have 5 decent conversations with prospects or fill the CRM with rubbish calls to meet my KPIs.

Yesterday as I rang a prospective client for feedback and I focused on two things; firstly slowing down my speech and saying exactly the trust-based languaging you taught in your program and here’s the result: She is arranging an introduction for me to their new HR Director and asked me to confirm when my colleague and I would be available to run a workshop for key stakeholders. Voila!

Philippa Flowerday

Partner, Alchemy Career Management