Are You Deep-Diving Inside Your Sales Conversations?

By Ari Galper, the world’s #1 authority on trust-based selling

When a prospect shares their challenges with you, it’s easy to assume, if you show them your solution, they’ll come on board as a paying client.

There’s a danger in that assumption.

Your world is not their world, your mindset is not their mindset… and not understanding the difference is how you may be losing more opportunities than you should.

As an advisor, the world you live in is a solution-centric objective world, relating to  dealing with a problem in a logical and straight forward manner.

But your prospect lives in a problem-centric emotional world, and in that world a problem cannot be addressed until specific emotional hurdles are overcome.

To help you understand what these emotional hurdles are, let me ask you this question: How did you feel the last time you faced a complex problem you knew little about… was it calm, clear, and confident?

On the surface maybe, but deep down, there probably was some anxiety, procrastination and indecisiveness.

Welcome to your prospect’s world.

Your clarity on their problem seems simple, obvious and formulaic.

But they have worry, confusion, and doubt about their issues, so making a final decision about it, is anything but simple and obvious to them.

This is a crucial difference to keep in mind at all times, because the moment you pursue what seems obvious to you, you’ll lose trust between you and your prospect, resulting in losing a new paying client.

The reality is, your prospect is simply not in the mindset to objectively judge your solution.

What your prospect needs before they can decide on anything, is for someone to address their uncertainty and doubt.

In other words, what they need from you, is to feel they can trust you at a deep level.

The best way to create that deep trust is to be problem-centric, not solution-centric.

Trust is the bridge that connects your two worlds, but you must deep-dive into their world first, before they’ll cross over to yours.

Here are three recent Financial Advisors, thankful and appreciative for discovering why they were losing clients by following the “normal industry accepted” sales process:

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If you’re not converting 10 out of 10 qualified prospects, then you’re leaving a significant amount of money on the table.

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Ari Galper is the world’s number one authority on trust-based selling and is one the most sought-after sales conversion experts for Financial Advisors. 

He is the creator of Unlock The Game®, a completely new revolutionary sales approach that overturns the notion of selling as we know it today.

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In a day and age where technology rules the selling world, for many growth-oriented advisors, deep trust has taken a “back seat” to the sales process.

Ari’s personal insights on how to build trust between buyers and sellers continue to break new ground in the financial services industry.

Ari has been on a mission for the last two decades to change the financial services world through trust.

Through his sold-out talks all over the world and his in-house trainings for high-producing advisors, Ari has become the global ambassador to businesses all over the world.

He regularly connects with global business icons and leaders of industries seeking his counsel on how to infuse trust in their organisations and across their teams.

Ari is a true “disruptor” in the financial services industry. He has been endorsed by legendary sales mentors like Brian Tracy who said: “Ari Galper’s trust-based selling approach is the greatest sales breakthrough in the last 20 years”.

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His work in the trust-based selling field, focusing on reversing control of the sales process, from buyer to seller, is considered category-of-one thinking, with over a two decades of proven execution and results.

Ari’s sales growth consulting firm has a growing waiting list of financial advisors wanting access to his unique sales growth advice and sales conversion strategies.

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