Are You Fact-Finding or Trust-Building?

By Ari Galper, the world’s #1 authority on trust-based selling

Advisors have been taught, before they do anything, to ask fact-finding questions about a prospect’s financial situation.

The traditional sales formula looks like this:

Qualify the lead + Present your solution = New paying client

That’s basic selling 101, isn’t it?

But if this formula, which has been taught by the “sales gurus” for decades, is bulletproof, then why doesn’t every single person who is qualified become a new paying client?

What is the missing piece of this puzzle that causes you to lose prospects who check all the boxes of what your ideal client looks like?

It’s called “trust-building,” and it needs to happen before the qualification process

Unless you create deep trust first, any qualification process will make your potential client feel you only want to know if they’ll buy your services.

In their mind, if they qualify, then they expect you to start selling your services.

But I hear you saying: “I already know how to build relationships.

Building trust in a sales context does not mean building a relationship with your potential client; the two are not the same.

Building a relationship is about building rapport, which is often ineffective for solving problems.

In fact, how many times does being friendly and agreeable get in the way of telling someone what they need to hear, the truth and reality of their situation?

Building trust with your potential client is about what I call “going down the iceberg.”

Going down the iceberg as an advisor means helping your potential client understand the gravity of their situation and the implications of not addressing it.

It’s an iceberg because the implications are often much larger than they realize.

Here are some questions you can ask to go down the iceberg:

“Can you tell me a little about your background, your situation and your biggest financial concerns?”

(Listen carefully to their concerns)

“You mentioned xxx is a concern, can you tell me a little bit more about that?”

(Lower your voice when you say this, like a doctor with warmth and bedside manner)

“How long have you been concerned about that?”

“What have you done so far to try and solve it?”

“How has not solving these issues impacted you?”

“Is this a priority for you to solve as soon as possible?”

These are not fact-finding questions, they are trust-building questions to help them feel you care about them.

Surprisingly, advisors rarely create a feeling of deep trust with new potential clients in their initial conversation.

Concentrate on building trust by going down the iceberg with your potential clients, instead of educating them on your solutions.

You’ll be surprised at how many new clients jump on board with you and even pay you a planning fee, simply because your approach was so different from every other advisor they’ve encountered.

Here are three recent Financial Advisors, thankful and appreciative for discovering why they were losing clients by following the “normal industry accepted” sales process:
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If you’re not converting 10 out of 10 qualified prospects, then you’re leaving a significant amount of money on the table.

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