Frequently Asked Questions:

How long has Unlock The Game been available and how many people are using it?
The Unlock The Game program has been available for over five years and is now being used by thousands of people worldwide.

How is Unlock The Game different from all the other selling programs?
It’s completely different because it addresses the hidden psychological roadblocks that hold you back from unlocking your fears and reluctance. It gives you a new mindset backed by specific words and phrases that build trust and get you results.

How do I know that Unlock The Game doesn’t just contain the same old “sales messages” that I’ve heard so many times over the years?
Unlock The Game overturns the very definition of what selling is and directly challenges the traditional sales tactics taught by the “sales gurus” (you know who they are!).

Will Unlock The Game give me immediate results, or is it a program that I have to study or memorize?
With Unlock The Game, you never memorize anything. Unlock The Game helps you draw upon your natural skills in human communication to create spontaneous, positive conversations with prospects that develop into trusting business relationships based on your ability to solve their problems. The moment you listen to the audio, read the ebooks and watch the video, you’ll begin to experience new “ahas” that will help you see things about your current selling behaviors that will put you on the right track.

How is Unlock The Game different from prospecting programs that tell you to learn marketing from scratch and never cold call?
Those programs are based on the assumption that cold calling the OLD way is dead. That is a fair assumption. But what they fail to tell you is that if you can learn to cold call the NEW way, you won’t have to spend months and months and thousands of dollars to get your first lead. With Unlock The Game, you will learn how to pick up the phone (it’s virtually free to make a phone call these days) without fear, engage someone in a comfortable conversation, and get a positive result within minutes. Calling new people without fear is a skill you must master if you want to succeed in business for the short and long term.

Does Unlock The Game deal with gatekeepers?
Oh yes, very much so, but not in the way you might think. The sales “gurus” have trained us to try to get “past” gatekeepers, but that creates an inherent conflict because, as you probably know, it’s a gatekeeper’s job to block you. With Unlock The Game, you will learn to view gatekeepers as people who are willing to help you get to where you need to go. You’ll learn how to build relationships with gatekeepers so that you actually move forward in your sales process with their help!

How long does it take to receive my materials in the mail?
3 – 5 days in the US, and 7 – 10 days internationally (including Canada).