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Do You Want A FREE Sales Growth Strategy Session (Valued at $1497.00) With Ari Galper The World’s Authority On Trust-Based Selling™ So He Can Solve Your BIGGEST Sales Challenges And Create A Stream Of New Paying Clients For You?

From the Desk Of Ari Galper
Sydney, Australia

2028Dear Friend,

I’ve decided to swing open the doors of my VIP Private Client Group consulting practice to the open market to see if I can find a few new “Business Stars”.

Now don’t worry, if you qualify for this FREE Sales Growth Strategy Session that I’m offering to a few select applicants, there will be zero, none, nada, no expectations at all of you joining my VIP Private Client Group.

I’ve learned over the years that if I can give immense value in a short amount of time to ambitious Business Owners, they will decide on their own if they’d like to implement the “Sales Growth Blueprint” that I create and customize for them in our FREE Sales Growth Strategy Session through their own resources – or if they’d prefer, they can choose to have my highly trained team (with my supervision) do it for them.

No persuasion or sales pressure required here. Everyone’s an adult and can make their own decisions. That’s how I operate, and hopefully you’re in alignment with that way of thinking.

In fact, I’m so confident in my ability to give you immense value and absolutely transform your business in just one conversation together, I’m willing to PAY YOU $1,000.00 if you don’t feel you received anything less than a total breakthrough from our conversation together.

Yes, I know that’s gutsy, and yes I know I’m taking all the risk here (you have nothing to lose, there’s only upside for you) but I can offer that with total peace of mind because I’ve been doing this kind of sales growth transformational consulting for the last 14 years with literally thousands of success stories with business owners from all over the world. (You can check out more about me at here).

Here’s what’s going to happen in your FREE Sales Growth Strategy Session with me (if you qualify):

1. The first thing I’m going to do for you is to personally help you create your Sales Growth Blueprint to bring you immediate NEW sales leads.

2. Next we are going to uncover the hidden sales blockages in your current sales process that is putting you in a position of having to chase prospects that are not turning into paid clients.

3. Then we are going to map out a trust-based inbound sales process that positions you as an authority in your industry so your business doesn’t get commoditized over time and you can be seen as the #1 choice and dominate the niche that you operate it in or want to move into.

Those three areas should take up most of our 60-minute session together and at the end, I will NOT make you an offer or try and close you to a next step. (I am so tired of the so called “gurus” who offer a complimentary session but then use that to upsell and do a closing dance at the end).

Remember, above I said there will be zero, none, nada, no expectations at all of you and I to work together after your free session… I’m sticking to that and you’ve got my word on that.

The only way I will share with you the opportunity of joining my VIP Private Client Group is if YOU ASK ME.

That’s the way it should be right? Why can’t people just give without expectations of a “next step” these days?

Anyways, I won’t spend your precious time ranting about the unscrupulous “gurus” out there who are using a manipulation just to “make the sale”….such short term thinking.

So to summarize, if you qualify to have a Free Sales Growth Strategy Session with me, the worst case scenario is that I pay you $1000.00 for your time.

Of course, the scenario that I know will happen is that you will be elated, over joyed and even feel relieved that you finally have a success path, plan and strategy you can execute to put yourself on the fast track from a 6 to 7-figure income.

Real Quick, Before You Consider Applying For This Exclusive Opportunity.

Here’s why I’m doing this:

1. First of all, I enjoy it. This what I do best and I get tremendous satisfaction when I see a business owner who is struggling to figure out why his sales aren’t growing, then we spend some time together and he or she finally sees the truth of what is holding them back from long term success.

2. It’s my way of giving back. Over the years I’ve had tremendous success with the help of my loyal subscribers and clients and I’m at the stage in my career where I don’t need the “next sale”. I can sit back and help people who really need it and deserve it.

3. My most favourite private clients are found this way. Like I said above, if you make it through the application process, there is no expectation that we will work together after our session together. That will be totally up to YOU. But I’ve found this process naturally brings out the VERY BEST clients who I connect with and who end up asking me if they can join my VIP Private Client Group.

Enough from me.

Here’s the application process. I hope you make it through so I can turn you into the Business Star that you deserve to be.

How To Apply For Your FREE Sales Growth Strategy Session with Ari (only a few will be selected):

1. This opportunity is by APPLICATION ONLY.

2. Once your application is initially accepted, you will be contacted within 48hrs to schedule an initial phone interview with my business partner, Delmae Bower. (Delmae will briefly discuss your business challenges and goals with you to determine if Ari can help you).

3. If your interview goes well with Delmae, she will schedule your FREE Sales Growth Strategy Session with Ari based on Ari’s availability. (If she determines that you may not be a fit with Ari at this particular time, she’ll recommend other business advisors or resources that might be a better choice for your situation).

4. If at any point you are not in integrity with this process (you don’t return the call from Ari’s assistant to schedule your call with Delmae, you are late for your call with Delmae, or you are not on time for your call with Ari, you’ll be removed from the application process permanently). We will only invest our time in those who hold themselves to the highest professional and integrity standards. (Sorry to have to mention this, but we’ve had “tire kickers” in the past and we decided we will no longer let anyone into our world who does not have core success principles of “showing up like a winner”).

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