Traditional Sales Approaches When your goal is to make the sale…Unlock The Game Mindset When your goal is to learn your prospect’s truth…
Your prospect senses that you’re focused on moving the sales process forward to make YOUR sale, not to necessarily help them.Your prospect senses that all your attention is on helping them, period.
Your prospect knows you’re looking at them as “a sale,” a means to an end.Your prospect senses that you’re relating to them with full integrity—you’re two human beings working together for a mutual outcome.
Your mental thoughts get scattered, because your mind is always wanting to go to the ‘next step” while your trying to listen.You listen to and hear what your prospects are telling you about their issues and concerns, and you respond with full attention by staying in the present.
Your prospect senses that you’re very subtly putting pressure on them to move forward. They react by withdrawing and trying to get out of the situation, or they get aggressive and try to reject you so you’ll go away.Your prospect trusts you and feels free to open up about their concerns because they know you aren’t pressuring them.
You rely on your pitch — who you are, what you have to offer, and why they should buy from you.You find it easy to stay relaxed and focused on exploring whether there’s a fit between your product or service and your prospect’s problem.
You make assertions that you hope will convince your prospect to buy.You ask questions that will bring out more and more of the truth.
You push.You listen.

And Most Important…

When you can have relaxed, comfortable conversations with prospects, as if you’re having a chat with a friend or acquaintance, you’ll feel quite different when a sale results. When you haven’t burned yourself out, you feel a huge sense of accomplishment when sales do happen…which they will.

When you make sales based on integrity and by helping prospects solve their problems, sales “letdown” just isn’t possible.

You’ll find that you feel better at the end of each day and that you look forward to the next day’s calls. You’ve enjoyed the process, and when you make the sale, you feel satisfied, energized, and proud to have helped your prospect. What’s more, you’ll also be making progress toward meeting your financial goals.

Practical Tips for Building Mindset Habits

Michael and I talked about several ways he could work on building better Mindset skills, maybe you’ll find them useful as well…

  • Before making a call, take a few moments to sit quietly. Tell yourself: “My only goal is to create a conversation that will build trust so I can learn my prospect’s truth. Until I know that, I won’t know whether I can help them or not.”
  • Develop a good problem statement or opening statement that describes the core problem or issue you know your product or service solves. This allows the conversation to open naturally and comfortably.
  • If your mind starts jumping to “making the sale” when you’re on a call, try closing your eyes. This will make it easier for you to focus on listening to and hearing your prospect. This is especially helpful early on in calls when you’re learning about your prospects’ problems or issue, because you probably won’t need to start taking notes until later.
  • If you feel that there’s a potential fit between their problem and your solution, avoid launching into a pitch. Instead, ask, “Would it make sense for use to continue our conversation to see to what extent I can possibly help you?”
  • After you make a call, take a minute or two to “debrief” yourself. Can you recall any moments when you sensed in your gut that you had created sales pressure or started pushing? Did you sense at any time that your prospect was pulling back and starting to defend themselves by trying to end the call? If so, think about how you can stay more focused on the conversation in the next calls you make.

It’s ironic, but letting go of trying to make the sale actually makes the sale more possible

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