United Kingdom

“Cold calling is no longer a chore for me and now I don’t spend my time ‘chasing’ anymore”

“Ari, you’re the only American bloke that really can teach us salespeople here in the UK a good lesson on how to change our selling approach. My results have been outstanding since I ordered your Mastery Program. It’s your mindset that makes it so powerful. What’s fascinating is that your approach is exactly the opposite of what all the other American sales trainers teach here in the UK, and that’s what makes it so intriguing. I’ve cleaned up my pipeline, my sales are up and the dreaded chasing game is finally over.”

Ian Kershaw

Consultant, ERA United Kingdom

“Now I know how to sell by being myself and not a ‘salesperson'”

My whole approach to selling has been indoctrinated over the last 11 years working for various companies.  My first ever sales manager told me that “Selling is a numbers game and you must apply pressure, pressure to get the sale”. Ari you made me realize, that way of thinking is comes from the dinosaur age of selling. Your Unlock the Game program has re-programmed my mindset completely and I now look forward to picking up the phone and having a conversation with whoever is at the other end, be it gatekeeper or decision maker.

You have also taught me that approaching people from a human and humble perspective with no hidden agendas and simply talking to people and opening up a conversation about their issues, not my solutions really does work.  As you state Ari, the mindset really does apply to sales people and non-sales people alike and I’m proof of that because I can now be myself which, after all, is what I’m best at.”

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Chris Barnard

Managing Director, P-Tek Development Solutions - U.K.

“My sales have increased 30-40% after using your new cold callng ideas”

My sales have increased by 30-40% after using your new cold calling ideas. I am no longer getting the negative responses that I used to get. I just feel so relieved that now I can really connect with new people on the phone without rejection.Thank you so much much for all your knowledge and advice on how to make my cold calling so much easier and enjoyable. The U.K. has needed this approach for such a long time and thankfully it’s finally here.” 

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Toye Oshunbiyi

CEO/Business Coach, Compass Coaching & Training Ltd., U.K.

“It’s the best kept secret in business today”

“Not possible. No way. I couldn’t have ever imagined there was a way to sell in a humane manner, without being passive or losing my ambitions and focus. Unlock The Game has got to be the best kept secret in business today. All those books and tapes on my shelf from the “sales gurus” have gone into the trash both literally and figuratively. Ari, brilliant job. Just makes so much sense. It’s always these kind of ideas that end up changing the face of business as we know it.”

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Glen Sinclair

Sales Consultant, Home Improvement - U.K.

“I’ve learned how to diffuse the pressure points in a cold call”

The most important lesson I have learned is the ability to spot and give a name to the response from either the client or myself, when pressure starts building up during a cold call. This has given me the ability to steer the conversation very quickly away from the area where pressure is rising or adapt my approach to show more humility in order to reduce the pressure and keep the conversation/relationship alive. I have also learned that (and you said this in one of the CD’s) some of my approach to sales is very similar to “unlock the game”, but now instead of being this way with some of my clients (usually the ones I know the best and have the most respect for), I am actively looking at and making sure that I behave this way with all my potential and existing clients.”

Christian Pepper

Sales Consultant, Printers Direct - UK

“This is the sales program I have been looking for the last 20 years”

“This is what I have been looking for the last twenty years. Your program just makes so much sense. I’ve had two major failures when I tried sales before which shook my confidence. Now I know why I found it impossible to pick up the phone and make those calls. I have also recently been involved in home based businesses which have all failed for the same reason, fear of rejection and of talking to people. You have given me the tools to start again. Thanks to you Ari and the Mastery Program, this dream can now become a reality.”

Tom Chambers

Sales Consultant, Home-Based Strategies, United Kingdom

Ari, your program has lifted a massive weight off my shoulders. It’s an amazing feeling to know that I don’t have to feel that nagging tension that I’ve felt for so many years.”

Tim Coe

President, Hands On Productions - U.K.

“I have read your cold calling E-book and I have to say it’s so refreshing. Already I feel so different making that cold call…there’s no pressure on me or the client.”

Peter Smith

Account Manager, GFI, U.K.

“Ari, you are a role model for me because I believe your integrity is key. I thought I was a failure as a sales person years ago, but after being exposed to your beliefs, I know I was taught negative sales behaviors.”

Christina Marie Marsland

Telecom Plus- UK

“I beat my competition because of what I learned from Unlock The Game”

“Ari, I have used your mindset on two presentations I had to deliver to two high profile companies in Ireland. I was up against strong competition from other executive search companies, but I beat the competition on both accounts because they said they really liked my attitude, my style and trusted that I had their best intention at heart. That’s because of your Unlock The Game Mindset! I’ll be busy now for the next few weeks, working on filling these senior roles for my clients. Thanks Ari, I absolutely love your program – continued success with everything!

Caitriona Griffin

Dublin, Ireland