What Is Unlock The Game?


All The Sales Gurus Got It Wrong…
It’s Not About The Sale, It’s About TRUST!
From The Desk of Ari Galper, Sydney, Australia…

Old “tried and true” sales training programs that were once successful have completely lost their effectiveness over the years. That’s why I developed a proven and tested sales methodology based on creating real trust that will quickly and automatically put you ahead of the game and instantly in a league above your competition.

OLD SALES GURU MYTH # 1 – “Selling is a numbers game.” But, sales is only a numbers game when all you know is traditional selling. Yes, you can call people over and over, chase them until they listen to you so that you just go away. However there is a better – easier method of building trust and getting your product or service message across – all on one call. Simply by changing your sales approach, you’ll make FEWER CALLS and MORE SALES.

OLD SALES GURU MYTH # 2 – “Use a sales script to sell.” People can tell when you’re reading from a script, even if you think you’re pretty good at it and getting away with it. There’s nothing personal about it and people can pick that up. Being artificial just puts you into the typical “Salesperson” category. If you can learn to get your message across in a different way, you’ll eliminate the negative triggers that can lose your sale within seconds.

OLD SALES GURU MYTH # 3 – “Focus on closing the sale.” Are you “going in for the kill” with your closing sales technique? – If you are, you could end up killing your deal instead. Old sales training techniques do nothing more than pressure the client or prospect, and as a result they naturally want to retreat away from that pressure – and that pressure is created by you. By learning to avoid the “push and pull” dynamic between you and your prospect, you’ll be able to move the sales process forward to get the result you want.

OLD SALES GURU MYTH # 4 – “Rejection is part of the sales process”. It absolutely is not. Rejection is TRIGGERED by certain things you are saying and doing that you probably are completey unaware of. There is no other sales approach in the world that completely eliminates rejection other than Unlock The Game, read more below.

Welcome to Unlock The Game®
Unlock The Game is a radically honest sales approach based on integrity and common sense. It challenges traditional sales thinking and helps you achieve better sales results.

It’s the missing link — a new mindset and language that converts selling into a natural conversation between you and your prospect.

It offers you a new way of thinking about selling, from cold calling — the most dreaded selling experience of all — all the way to the end of the sales process.

You don’t have to abandon the selling skills you already know — Unlock The Game gives you a new approach and new tools to help you let go of old behaviors that bring you negative results.

It’s incredibly effective.

Best of all, it’s easy to learn.


“Unlock The Game is the greatest sales breakthrough in the last 20 years”
“In a new age of frustrating and difficult selling challenges, more specifically the fear of selling, cold calling, and starting new conversations without being rejected, Unlock The Game gives us all the answers to a natural way of selling without creating rejection. Ari you are a genius. Keep up the great!”
Brian Tracy is a leading authority on personal and business success. As Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International, he is the best-selling author of 17 books and over 300 audio and video learning programs.
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Newcastle Ari and his mindset has helped me in so many ways, becuase life is so much more than just selling to others. What Ari actually teaches is how to take the “Sales Part” out of the equation and just be human being to human being, solving some issues they have and the sale all of a sudden dissapears and the you’re asked to help and their willing to pay “Whatever” amount to get you.

I’ve done this with so many industries now it’s not funny, from selling gym memberships, to OH&S; services, computers, insurance, internet marketing services and web design, and finally my music as I’m a country singer to get gigs at very difficult venues that normally only highly skilled agents can get into.

So if you wonder if you should engage Ari, take the free test drive, talk to his team and feel the authenticity and deep seated knowledge of human nature that simply oozes out of him… Then decide for yourself!

Nothing is ever sold through force, pressure, pain, or any other tactic they teach you in “Sales School”, books and videos, it’s sold through sincerely solving another persons problem and being wise enough to know when there is “NO PROBLEM” to be solved!

Thanks Ari, for being a dear friend as well as a mentor in life in so many areas 🙂

Adam Price

I have studied all the major sales programs over the last decade and Ari’s UTG is over and above the rest.

The best part is that you have no pressure, work with less and make more money.

Every sales manager should be who wants to attract and retain quality sales staff and protect/enhance their company image/ brand needs to be a student of UTG.



Coming from the Old School of Mentors – I was able to rise to the top of Outbound Phone Golf Club Sales gigs with Gary Player Direct back-in-the-day when ‘it was a numbers game’, and rebuttals were a chance to pull clever arrows, and launch counter attacks. I added to my phone skills learning cleverness thru embedded commands and NLP . . studying with Richard Bandler. This all served me well in the late 90’s and first few years of this Century as I moved over to technology, web dev, and internet marketing sales . . training more than a few ‘phone rooms’ in this old-hat confrontational style of ‘Gold Calling’ ; yet I was becoming burned-out in the last few years . . as I began noticing not only was I not having fun anymore – my sales were getting increasingly harder to make. Cleverness was (and is) no longer the order of the day!

Last year I was conducting a bit of research for Michael Senoff’s Hard to find seminars dot com – when I ran across Ari’s interview with Michael. I was extremely intrigued, and intuitively knew that Ari had something to teach me . . I hadn’t really realized how entrenched in my brain these old patterns of selling were. As I began to dig-in and subscribed to his newsletter . . a new wind blew across my Sails – as I practiced, and even began sharing my new found interest in ‘solving problems’ and having ‘authentic conversations/ based on ‘Truth’ with trainees from 3 different tech companies. I began to listen more to my clients, and have begun to enjoy prospecting again. Ari’s approach has changed my core values in regards to what solutions I am willing to pursue, and provide my clients. My Father used to say; ‘If it is honest, it is honorable.” and if that rings some bells with you. Ari’s, his company, and Trainings are gonna make ‘ya ‘Sing Happy’ once again!

I have recently signed up as an Affiliate and look forward to spreading Ari’s Message to many whom find themselves in a new economic environment where tired old prospecting approaches are failing.

Johnny Spicer

Big Bear Lake, CA

First off, I apologize for this being so long, but after what happened today, I had to share my story with you.

After 25+ years as an estate planner, I finally had enough with it all and decided to start my own business helping small businesses get more leads and turning them into repeat buyers. Little did I know at the time how competitive and tough it was going to be breaking into this market.

For 10 months I was spending more than I was making on marketing and sales training with mediocre results at best. What I was learning from Tom Hopkins, SPIN Selling and the Sandler Method (to name a few), was how to take control of the sales talk and close hard… it was almost like playing chess where I had to think 7 moves ahead with the goal being to block my opponent’s moves while attacking their defense. All of these sales methodologies were touted as being the best of the best. But the truth is, they were burning me out fast. They felt so manipulative and un-authentic. Bottom line, I felt that it just wasn’t me.

I threw myself a pity party (which was only attended by me) and was thinking about calling it quits. But then I happen to come across Unlock The Game through a referral. I remember that I wasn’t very enthusiastic about learning yet another crummy sales technique.

On September 21st, I listened to “The 7 Secrets of Cold Calling Even The ‘Sales Gurus’ Don’t Know,” and read the 4 articles, taking copious notes. I was totally skeptical of this non-traditional sales approach and I wasn’t buying into this new “mindset” Ari was selling. I mean come on… this guy wants me to focus on a conversation and try to build trust and NOT focus on the sale. What B.S. — I was thinking.

Over the next week I was getting emails with videos and articles, which I watched and read over not just once, but at least 9 or 10 times each.

I can’t tell you what exactly happened that changed my mind about Ari’s sales method, but I do know that I decided to give it a try because what I was doing wasn’t working and was making me feel desperate for the sale.

On October 1st, 2nd and 3rd, I went to work on my business. My goal was to put 100% effort and 100% heart into the Unlock The Game methodology.

I made a poster that I hung over my desk that says “I will not make any assumptions during my sales calls. I will build a conversation with the business owner to build trust and to see if there’s a fit to do business together. My goal is to get to the truth.”

It took me the better part of the day to come up with 2 or 3 core problems from my market’s point of view, and it was very enlightening because it forced me to articulate it. And the more I drilled down, the more clear it became to me. I know it still needs work and testing, but I think I did okay for now.

I wrote out my script and some possible objections and rehearsed them for a few hours and went to bed that night unsure if this was going to work. I woke up at 4:00am. It was Monday, October 4th and today was the day. I lied in bed going over my script and the mindset in my head because I couldn’t go back to sleep.

6:00am. My alarm went off and I got ready for the day. I did all my usual rituals that I do for myself, my wife and my daughters, which takes a few hours to complete. But this morning I was dragging my feet and extra hour. I kept going over my script, then listened to “The 7 Secrets to Cold Calling” again.

It was now 9:25am. I forced myself to pick up the phone. I felt nervous and a little scared. I dialed my first business owner and got his voice mail. I was relieved he didn’t answer, hung up and went to my second dial. Someone answered…

Business: “Hello… Staff Printing. Can I help you?”

Me: “Hello, this is Mike speaking. Maybe you can help me out for a moment,” I said as low-key as my nerves would allow.

Business: “Sure can. What’s on your mind?”

Me: “I’m just giving you a call to see if your business is struggling with getting new and repeat customers through your front door.”

Business: “Yeah… we can use a boost. But you’ll have to talk with the owner. He should be back in a few hours. His name is Arlo. It’s better to call him after 5 and before 7 when he leaves. That’s when it’s most quiet around here.”

Me: “Thanks, I appreciate that. Say, you mentioned that you could use a boost… what did you mean by that?”

He spent the next 15 minutes telling me everything, which I wrote down for my call to the owner. It was pretty good intelligence I thought.

The rest of calls went pretty much the same except some went on a lot longer and some of them were not a fit.

I should tell you that I used the “not a problem…” objection diffuser and it worked most of the time. I think I still need to work on that a lot more to get it down so it comes out naturally and logically. And when the call came to an obvious end, I’d “opened” (not closed, get it?) with, “Where do you think we should go from here?”

The amazing part of this whole experience is that I only learned the little bit that I was given from Ari, you know, the free recordings, videos and articles. So I know that there’s more to this than what I’m stumbling around with. I’m thinking that I could accomplish much more.

I also noticed I was making fewer dials. I usually made 30 to 50 calls on Monday and Tuesday (sometimes Wednesday) and got anywhere from 2 to 4 appointments.

Using the Unlock The Game methodology, I made about 20 calls and had 7 appointments for a presentation.

I’ve already been on 2 of the appointments and unfortunately, not knowing any better, I reverted back to my old school sales style and burned both of the appointments. I realize that was a mistake, but since I don’t know everything I needed to know about the Unlock The Game methodology, I just don’t know what I don’t know, if that makes any sense, so I’m not sure how to proceed.

Today was my third appointment and I booked a small order, but I closed it old school and I really didn’t feel right about it. I called the business owner and told him that I think that I may have pressured him into the sale and I wouldn’t feel right taking his money (even though I really can use it). I told him my goal was to build a relationship and to help him build his business and I apologized. I offered his money back.

He told me that he was actually thinking about canceling, but changed his mind because of this follow up phone call. Is that cool or what?

Tomorrow and Friday I go out on the last 4 appointments I made. I’m both excited and dreading the disconnect between how I got the appointments in the first place and then reverting back to my old school presentation.

I guess I’ve said enough. Thank you so much for giving me a way to communicate. I want to learn more.


Diamond Bar, California - USA

UTG first off has made a huge difference especially for this hard driving type A choleric who wants results right now. Its allows me to really take a step back to get to the truth.

I’ve combined UTG with some Stephen Covey stuff, he says something like this, “With people “fast” is “slow”, and “slow” is “fast”.”

So its allowed me to drill down to get to the truth about where they are coming from. For example, “Are they really looking?” and “Are they a fit in terms of their level of “openness” in mindset/mentality and does the kind of time for money fit their needs?”

The hard part for me has been to translate everything from “sales speak” to “sponsorship,” which is unique to network marketing. What I have figured out that when folks come to the table with “attitude”, they probably are not looking. This saves me lots of time. When in doubt I go back to trying to figure out if they are really looking, and when in doubt, I have determined not to present the model/plan.

Clint Stevens

NY, New York


I can’t say Thank YOU enough. I no longer live by a set of “ticks on sheet”. I don’t just track my performance, I can now measure my success. My job is now all about creating relationships and having “meaningful conversations”! In the short time that I have worked with you I make half as many calls and have more than doubled my sales. I have even been promoted to Director of Sales at my company! Not bad for someone who came from the restaurant industry and had no idea what sales was really about. I feel like I owe it to you for helping me BREAKTHROUGH the barrier of the “sales game” and can actually have fun at my job again! I hope to see you in Los Angeles!

Michael Obremski

Bend, Oregon

The reason I choose my current job is because my CEO was completely open to a fresh new perspective. The first day of cold calling he handed me his salesy script. Knowing it was not right, I put it away and used my opening question and problem statement. The rest is history. Within 6 weeks of selling, the sales I have made have more than paid for Unlock the Game. My colleagues continued to be amazed at the success I have. One recent example, was a prospect that I did a demo for disappeared. After 2 weeks, I wrote a warm e-mail saying to them in the mindset that it was game over and I just wanted their feedback. She called me an hour after the e-mail was sent, apologized for not getting back to me sooner and bought our service with more to come later on from her. ULG has worked outside of sales as well, it has allowed me to find a wonderful women on-line by using the mindset and we continue to be connected after a month and a half of dating that everything just feels right. Thank you Ari! I am so glad I found you.
Derek Wisniewski

Toronto, Ontario-Canada

I just spoke to Linda the AA to Nancy Jenkins, VP Sales and Product Development, I took the approach of the mindset training to treat AA’s like the decision makers and asked if she could help me for a moment and it really helped, she started by saying that she will pass my information to Nancy only if I give her the detail about what we do and she said this in a firm tone, I told her right away that it was fair to ask that as you must be getting so many calls from people trying to reach out to Nancy and every one wants a chance to talk to her, she immediately connected to that statement and said that she was happy that I understand that, I then told her that I am looking to talk to Nancy regarding a solution that we have for sales compensation process, she said then it was good and she will surely try to help me connect with her, I then asked her if she could help me understand how many people get commissions in the company to which she took time to pull the data from the systems for me and gave the figure of 250 people for whom commissions is rolled out and also said that as of now they are using a home grown system which was automated but she was not very sure if that was fully automated, she also took my contact details and said that she has access to Nancy’s calendar and she will talk to Nancy and try to fix up a call for me on her calendar to introduce our company to her and to share our expertise with her, this approach to treat AA’s like actual decision makers helped me gather good information due to the Mindset Training today.

This is a great technique and this works for sure all the time!

Praveen Bellur

Pune, Maharashtra India

After making the jump from inside sales to outside account manager, I got it in my head that I needed to change the way I sold and adopt one of the selling models the “grown-ups” were all using. I spent the next year and a half dabbling in everything, from Neil Rackham’s SPIN Selling, Miller Heiman’s Strategic Selling, to Keith Eade’s The New Solution Selling.

In pursuit of emulating the “perfect” sales model, I lost my authenticity as well as suffered from a debilitating case of paralysis by analysis; and customers noticed. Over the next two years my sales crashed through the floor and I garnered more income hawking my Airline miles from traveling to meet prospects than I earned in commissions. Sad…I know, but it fed the kids.

Thank God Ari’s teachings came upon me just in time and opened up my mind to the fact that “Following a linear selling process limits your natural creativity”.

With this new insight, I have shaped my focus and direction towards honing my “inner game”. It’s still a work in progress, but suffice it to say my career has come a long way from flipping airline tickets –at the age of 25 my wife and I just closed escrow on September 29th and are realizing our dream of watching our three little ones grow up playing in our own backyard. We were high school sweethearts and thought this would be a nearly impossible dream given the hardships of being parents at 19.

Thank you, Ari, you have been a blessing to our family and I hope to be able to extend my gratitude in-person one day.

Julio de Unamuno

San Diego, California

Thank you so much for developing this program and sharing it with us. I’ve only gotten a small glimpse of your program so far, but already I feel like a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders! I have never been a fan of traditional sales techniques and worried that I was sabotaging my new business by not adopting them. Your approach is so much more genuine and natural. It is a relief to have somewhere to turn for techniques to improve my skills without feeling the need to compromise my principles. Your verbiage is just the tool I needed to help break down that salesperson/customer barrier! As a “salesperson” and as someone who has been subjected to entirely too many pitches herself, thank you, thank you, thank you!
Amanda VanderVeen

Prince George, BC, Canada

Thanks Ari! It is the first time in my network business life that I really get it grace to you and your clear teaching: “If I stop being defensive, maybe the other person will stop putting up their own defenses.”



as a consultant, selling my services always felt so inconsistent with everything else I do – like something I had to suit up for, put on the armor and just go do. Whereas consulting is all about understanding clients problems, getting to the root cause and helping them take action. Unlock the Game was really the missing link for me.

Now I see how wrong all the other sales guru’s are. And here’s proof – just weeks after beginning to integrate the mindset into my selling approach, I closed a sizable account in a third of the time it would have taken me before – from months to just a few weeks.

The best part of all was that by staying focused on their core problem, I never had to apply any pressure. Not to get the appointment, not to get an in depth meeting with the leadership team, not even to develop the proposal.

Talk about the fast track – Every step of the way, I asked them “Where would you like to go from here?” and they shared the next step in their buying process in a completely frictionless manner.

Thanks Ari – Now I can’t wait for the next selling opportunity!

Mike Dalton

Racine, Wisconsin, USA

The Unlock the Game course gave me and my team a new direction in establishing relationships with people, who then became clients. I have a niche business where I sell a service to small business owners. Taking the approach that I am here to serve them has served me well.

I am an instructional designer by profession, not a sales person. Having this powerful tool to guide me through this process has been invaluable. Thank you Ari!

Karen Miller

The Woodlands, Texas

Hi Ari, Hope this finds you well. Yes listening to your CD from Stuart Zadel’s seminars (Sell & Grow Rich) in which out of the three sales superstars – you are one of the speakers. I had never heard about you or your program before this. I must have listened to that CD nearly a 100 times driving following Brian Tracy’s saying of University on Wheels. Anyway, on 4th Aug’10 I went to see a provider who was on a trial product with us with no intention to sell but just to understand his business and see if I could help him understand the system in a better way. And after about half an hour of chat, I asked so where would you like to go from here? And I got the biggest surprise of my life and he asked, How can I join the premium package. It was just utter satisfaction and joy I can’t explain right now. And I had just listened to your interview with Stuart Zadel before I had parked the car to meet this fellow. I simply followed what I had learned from your interview which in point form is:
– go deep in the call
– really understand the prospects business and listen to him
– have no pressure or urgency of sale
– see if he’s open to discuss few things
– and finally ask the open ended question ‘so, where would you like to go from here?’ and BANG!

And I was just so relaxed through out the discussion and that is why I got a big surprise when he said ‘Sign me up’.

So just wanted to say thanks.

Once again i got excited getting your email this morning about Scholarship prompting me to write this testimonial/experience. However when I looked up the tickets from MEL to LAX, I don’t think I can afford that so you may give the scholarship to someone else. However I still feel happy to write this blog and ‘THANK YOU’ Ari!

Gagan Gupta

Melbourne, Australia

I listened to your diffusal techniques and whenever a customer says anything that might even sound like an objection I always say “that’s not a problem.”

I have also learned that the easiest way to get in front of the customer is allow them the “out.”

They should never feel like you are trying to corner them so after ingraining this mantra into my approach I always call customers with a friendly and sincere openness that speaks to their “human – ness.”

If a client does not want to talk to me now and they send me away I realize that they don’t have the whole story and are just responding in a conditioned manner. They may also simply be having a bad day or it was truly bad timing.

Usually I will try and revisit the call a few weeks later and that has gotten me tremendous momentum and business as this alone has separated me from so many of my competitors.

My clients have expressed appreciation for my lack of pushiness, and feel that I truly want to help them.

Your methods have allowed me to bring down a lot of barriers and I no longer feel apprehension on a cold call.

Carlos Rosario

Santa Clara, CA

I just started a new business and realize that if I wanted a shot at growing, “cold calling” was going to be a big part of it.


I started looking online for scripts and tips on making this easier for myself. After 3 weeks of frustration and utter failure, I ran across an article by Ari. That’s when the light went on!

You see, I was doing things to make it easier on MYSELF! Which meant I wasn’t in a place to hear the needs of my potential partners. Not clients. Not customers. Partners.

Ari helped remind me why I started my business in the first place – to help people.

Thanks for your generous spirit Ari.

Daniel Cox

Costa Mesa, CA


I’ve always liked helping people and hated selling. It made me feel “icky” because both me and the prospect knew that I had an agenda in being helpful.

Your approach to selling has helped me realize that I can help someone, feel good about it and in the end get the order from the person with them being thankful for my help, not feeling manipulated or persuaded into giving me the order.

I was just introduced to your way of doing things about a week ago. I wish it had been earlier because it would have saved my countless hours of stress and in the end would have saved my construction business.

With what I’ve learned from your emails and the audio on your sales page I’m in the process of totally revamping how I approach sales forever.

I always knew there was a better way and you’ve got it.

Its changed my feelings about sales and opens up tons of new opportunities that I would never have considered before.

Thanks for your commitment and willingness to share your sales methods.

Bret Mundt

Arlington, TN USA


I remember on an audio hearing you say “I didn’t want to sell my product, I wanted them to buy it.” That really struck me so while I was on a call with someone I had never met I decided to try that. As I spoke to my prospect I continued to say “I only want to be available as a reference for you as you have questions or have a need that I can address.” Every time I said that the person asked another question to which I answered the best I could….to end with “but I am only interested in helping if I can.” We really had a pleasant conversation which began with the person nervous and ended with the person seeming to chase me. It did not result in a sale but I was liberated to the mindset. Wonderful!!

Luis Morgan

Memphis, TN

Dear Ari, I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU!

You’ve truly Unlocked The Game, not just in business alone but in life as a whole.

It’s a positive and contagious attitude for me to pick up.

Being natural or being true to ourselves to be the best person for ourselves first so that we can do our best for others and communicate with others well are the two lessons I learn from your blog and tips and newsletters alone.

To me, your vision and ingenuity, wisdom and willingness to share and teach others about being authentic in both business and life is truly inspiring.

I count you as my blessing and my mentor, even though I’ve not joined your program yet. Soon I hope. ^_^

I’d tried some of your tips when I do cold calling and your lessons help me overcome the whole mindset towards cold calling.

I’m seeing better results compared to 2 months ago and thank you for showing the way.

I’m grateful to you and appreciate your teachings.

Please continue to inspire and guide us to be successful like yourself.

To our success!

God bless you and your family!


Claire S.


Before I met Ari’s program, I always felt that I was trying too hard and like what Ari described – “Living on hopeium” and always on the constant struggle to put on a front in front of my prospects. Then I realised even after closing the sale, I wasn’t too happy because I did felt some of my clients wasn’t so sure about getting my service / products but eventually succumb to my peer pressure. It did not felt good. at all.

After I met and trained under Ari’s programme, frankly I did not close as many sales but however, I felt so much better being myself. Prospects that became my clients also enjoyed the experience and I was able to foster better relationships with them. Everything is so much easier in terms of getting more business and referrals. No doubt I’m getting lesser for my sales but determine to stay in my business for the long haul, I feel that Ari’s programme build me to last and more importantly, enjoying my work more.

Yes, I think all of us should learn to let go and enjoy the pressure-free environment. Lives will be so much easier and trusting. Let’s for once and forever get rid of the “sales” mindset and start being ourselves again.

The new mindset is liberating!

Jack Zhang


The things I had been taught to do on cold calls never felt natural for me. And that was known on the other side of the calls. Now I have been able to put myself at ease and talk to others in such a way that makes everyone comfortable.

I also have found the techniques useful in personal and business settings. Now that is a breakthrough!

Natural and Easy


One of the best things that helped me from reading your blog was the concept of adding ten times more value than what the customer expects to receive in a pressure free setting. This has helped me change my viewpoint immensely. For example, after reading your blog, I decided to e-mail the president of a company that I was actively pursuing. In that e-mail, I offered a different approach- instead of focusing on who I was, and what my company was all about, instead, I focused on a situation that was affecting their business, and what my units could do to make life easier and more economical for them in the long run. I got an e-mail back and submitted a quote to him for 300 units. This has just recently happened, however I am flying out to meet with their purchasing manager in two weeks where I can hopefully close the deal. THANK YOU! And would love to see you live an in person- I know I could learn a ton!!
Kimberly Kesterke

Altanta, GA

Although i have only recently discovered you, i have already implemented the very few things i learned from you into practice. In particular, your cold calling approach really knocks off all the pressure that I’ve been putting on myself this whole time. Eliminating the sales jargon vocabulary, and substituting them in for common everyday words really takes the harsh bite out of my job. Although i have only scratched the surface in learning your approach, i am very eager to continue utilizing your techniques and grow as a sales professional. Thank you!
Ish Laos

Atlanta, GA

Dear Ari,

The best thing I learned from you is the LANGUAGE you use is EXTREMELY powerful.

Would you be open to telling me a little bit about your situation is brilliant!


Terry S. Smith

Scottsdale, Arizona

“That’s not a problem” has helped me diffuse so many objections, it’s unreal. And, while it’s good to know how to reply to the objection, once the objection is raised it is still somewhere in the back of that individual’s mind. Ari, you taught me how to draw out any negative emotions, gently.

For example, I’m currently dealing with short-sales in the States and speak with a lot of real estate agents about their listings that are currently in the foreclosure process.

I explain that I do a back-to-back closing and even though I know that what I’m doing is totally legal….I get a lot of ignorant agents who blatantly accuse me of doing something illegal. The first objection they will say is, “I’ve been an agent for X number of years, and what you’re proposing is against the law”. To which I’ve said, “That’s not a problem. May I have a few moments of your time to explain why our local title company will not only close on such a deal, but also provide us with title insurance” thereby protecting all parties?

Wham! Low pressure and educating the client are the keys I’ve taken away from your training. Thank you, Ari.


Cape Coral, FL

I am in digital advertising sales,(new to me) all calls are cold to businesses already using print media. I incorporate UTG language in getting appointments successfully. Other sales people who overhear my approach are trying to use some of the language in their calls, I have to smile when I hear them. As yet no one has asked me how I learned this effective no pressure approach. And I am sure they will as I continue to the top position.

Thank you Ari.

Thomas Reusch

United States

Ordered Ari’s complete program right before I left for a 4 day conference for Veterinarians. As a consultant, I went to meet potential clients and strategic partners. This is a new niche market for me and for the first three days, I got nothing! One person said they wanted help getting clients and as soon as they new I was a consultant, they turned cold and walked away (they didn’t know I saw them throw my business card in the trash).

On my last night I sat in my room feeling defeated. As my last ditch effort, I busted out some of Ari’s material and read through just a portion of it. With a new mindset and language to match it, I was determined to spend the last four hours of the conference in the method Ari teaches. What did I have to lose?

First three full days I got nothing. In the last four hours, I had two veterinarians give me their info and ask me to call them. An industry sales person practically begged me to let him introduce me to his clients throughout three states, and a consultant for Pfizer, who ignored me previously, engaged and suggested I work with him on a project.

I couldn’t believe the difference Ari’s approach makes. It is natural, more authentic, and actually fun. I highly recommend his material to everyone and he has become my go to resource for all things sales related.

Josh McGinnis

Chattanooga, TN, USA