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I’m experiencing tremendous success with this and can’t wait to dig in deeper!

A few months ago I signed up for Unlock The Game. The strategies, mindset and new ideas I’ve learned is no doubt worth at least 10 times more what I paid. I’m experiencing tremendous success especially with emails, believe or not, I’m closing a lot through email. I know this is a cold way to close a sale, but since 95% of my clients are based in South america, it’s email is key for me. All and all, with the techniques you teach in your course…I can say that at least 50% of the people who email me, buy. That’s a very high conversion rate. Thank you Ari!

Antonio Moreno

Marbella Indoor Advertising

I can’t stop listening to your CDs and everything you’ve created

Ari, with just one simple change in my sales calls you helped me get to the truth with my prospects! I can’t stop listening to your CDs and getting my hands on everything you’ve created. All the ideas I’m learning I’m implementing right away and it’s already saving me time and earning me more trust with my clients. I’ve been struggling to find a sales approach that is natural and authentic that doesn’t force me to use sales scripts and I’m so happy I’ve found it with your program. Who would have ever throught that I could be natural self without being a “salesperson” and increase my sales! Brilliant work and anyone who is selling and doesn’t have your materials is climbing a hill going nowhere fast!

Michelle Puch

Yellowpage Display Advertising

Your approach has broken down the internal sales fears that have been holding me back

Ari, your Mindset has helped me, more than anything else, to dramatically reduce my fears of selling, which were out of control. I was not able to make any phone calls until you showed me the way. Today, I am able to engage prospects in conversation, let go of the sale, and reach successful conclusions to those calls, even if those calls do not necessarily result in a sale… I feel, unlike the past, the conversations can continue with subsequent, natural phone calls being the result. Using what you teach, I’ve already made a couple of big-ticket sales that have enabled me to pocket large commissions. Bottom line: Your approach has broken down the internal fear-barrier I had built into my thought patterns. You’ve let me breathe again and conduct myself in a friendly, easygoing manner.

Bruce Mishkin

Advertising Partners

I Unlocked The Gatekeeper’s Game

Last week I had another breakthrough as a result of your Unlock The Game™ program. I sell advertising and I called a Chiropractic clinic using your cold calling mindset and phraseology, and then took it a step futher: I told the gentleman that answered the phone that I knew that the doctors relied on him to screen out sales people that would waste their time.I went on to say that I was just calling to see if the doctors would be open to some new ideas related to identifying and drawing in more patients/clients.

I unlocked the gatekeeper’s game, and brought honesty into the transaction. The “gatekeeper” ended up talking to me for ten minutes!

And then, as the conversation ended, I figured out that the “gatekeeper” was none other than one of the doctors – he had answered the phones to help out on a busy day. He did not tell me that, but it was clear by his answers to my questions and his obvious authority. So, I was able to engage a decision-maker because I showed respect for the gatekeeper instead of trying to sneak past.

Listen to Mike’s personal feedback below:

Mike Simpson

Senior Consultant, Waller Broadcasting

Simply brilliant. What Ari has done, is take fundamental values relating to openness and honesty and “wrapped” them around the dreaded sales experience. This should have been done years ago. It’s about time the sales world has a new role model that reflects how all of us really feel.

Marlene Mamane

Vice President – Sales, Promotion Exchange

I have listened to your Unlock The Game program several times over. There were items on there that have really struck a chord, and I am working on adopting the mindset and skills in those areas. All in all, it’s a great, well produced, and worth the price.

Richard Resnick

National Sales Manager, SQL Server Magazine Network

Ari’s Unlock The Game definitely made an impact on my sales team. The live session with Ari was excellent…he actually made a “live” cold call in front of 20 sales people and was able to carry it through beautifully with his approach. All of us were impressed and we plan on making mindset a part of our innovative company culture.

Lorena Rico

Sales & Customer Service Manager, Modern Postcard, Inc.

I would have been ‘toast’ without Unlock The Game

I’m absolutely loving your program Ari! I had a VP of Marketing today say to me, “I have a meeting to run to but, tell me about your new ideas so I can direct you to the right person or have you call back.” I followed the Unlock The Game™ methodology and said “That’s not a problem, we show companies how to target new customers who are most likely to buy gym memberships.” He then told me someone else would be the best person to handle that type of marketing and transfered to the decision maker! I would have been “toast” at “hello” withithout Unlock The Game.

Listen to John’s personal feedback below:

John Reisinger

Sales Consultant, ADVO Direct Marketing

I had my whole sales team listen in on the teleconference, most of whom are all seasoned sales professionals and we all took something away from it. I look forward to seeing the results of my representatives putting Unlock The Game™ into practice. Thank you again.

Bob Williams

Advertising Sales Director, McNeill Group, Inc.

Thank you! I can’t believe how such simple techniques can make such a difference to the way in which people receive the message I am delivering. The tension and resistance has gone, the results are vastly improved, and I no longer feel stressed about the prospect of making cold calls.

Elizabeth O'Driscoll

Account Manager, Superdockets Advertising, New Zealand

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