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Are You Hooked On Hopeium?!

Most of us who sell get caught up in “hopeium,” a comical term that means we focus our hopes and desires on making the sale. But hopeium can be a trap, because it’s impossible for you to keep in mind your most important goal: to learn your prospect’s truth.

When we fix our minds on the outcome — making the sale — we automatically begin anticipating how the process will go, and we also begin expecting that things will happen as we hope they will.

This is the trap… Because if the prospect suddenly breaks off communication, we feel lost, anxious, frustrated, discouraged, and confused. We become preoccupied with what went wrong.

In this month’s Stump The Guru show, I’ll be talking about The “Hopeium” Trap and showing you that there is a pressure-free way to re-establish communication when your prospect starts pulling away. I’ve made it my life’s mission to give you the clarity that you are missing in your sales process, through decades of working with thousands of business owners all over the world, refining Trust-Based Selling into a true art form:

– Stop “chasing” ghosts (leads that never call you back!)
– Make the sale on ONE conversation, without pressure
– Stop selling, create deep trust instead