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I’ve been in sales for over 20 years and Ari’s program is what I wished I learned from day one

The minute I got my hands on Ari’s program I devoured everything. Listened to the CDs, watched all the DVDs and all I will say about your program is it works wonderfully well! I have been in the sales field for 20 plus years and have always had this (Ari) mindset to put the spot light on the people that I am talking with instead of myself, that I’m a servant to assist them and it doesn’t have anything to do with me as it’s all about them. Unlock The Game has brought me into a clear focus and it’s been a great program for me and my team. In a two-week period this has totally transformed our business into what we knew it could be. If you would like some of the individuals that are somewhat concerned about this being just another “sales”, just have them give me a call and they can stop struggling like I WAS!!!

Here’s to a great program and one that does more than promised!

Bruce A. Snider

Chairman/CEO, The Audit-All Group

I’m already getting results and got my first appointment using your painless approach

Started calls yesterday…had my first substantive conversation, which ended with the prospect (a good one!) inviting me to an appointment! Your program is fantastic. If I only had this at the beginning of my career, I would have saved me endless hours of dialing for dollars and rejection. Who ever would have figured out (other than you) that there is a more humane way of selling that doesn’t sacrifice your soul. The results from Unlock The Game have come so quick, I’m just sitting back loving this process. Thank you Ari for this gift.

Jeff Pawlik

Cash Recovery Partners

This has changed my life forever, thank you Ari!

Wow, your program is amazing! Í have prospects THANKING me now for calling them because they can tell that I am genuine and care about solving their problem. What you have done is fundamentally changed the sales game, flipped it on its head and given us the keys to finally say goodbye to all the old school behaviors that gives sales such a bad name. Your Mindset and languaging is nothing short of magical. Who would have thought that all these years of thinking that “sales is a numbers game” and it’s “all about the close” was all BS brainwashing from the old sales gurus. It’s like they taught us to change who we are because that’s what it takes to get what you want. What a load of rubbish. You are the only one who has actually created a system of trust for the rest of us who want to make lot’s of money selling without having to sacrifice our souls! Ari, you’re the best!”

Michelle Finnegan-Nixon

Business Solutions

I’m lovin this program, I’m already making new sales and feeling good about it!

I made two sales today following exactly what I learned from implementing Unlock the Game! Once the prospect heard the price of ADP’s service the client said “that is pretty pricey for a payroll service” and I was very relaxed and real and said “Mr. prospect you are right and if you do not feel this will be a value to you and your company then maybe we should wait on moving forward until you are 100% confident this will be a benefit to you?” His attitude completely changed, he said “so how do I get started, what do you need from me?” I truly believe that I would have not closed those deals if I used my old way of selling. I have a lot to learn from you Ari and I can’t wait to learn more!

Breanna Hogan

ADP Small Business Services

Ari has a gift of trust-based languaging that I have never seen before

Hands down, this is a revolutionary sales program. I only wish I had my hands on this in the early days. Everyone is so sick and tired of the old sales techniques, especially the notion of putting pressure on someone else to try and make the sales. Ari has a gift of trust-based languaging that I have never seen before. I started listening to his interviews online and was immediately taken by his authenticity and ability to connect in a sales enviroment. For me, he broke down, step-by-step everything I was doing that was causing me to lose sales. I had no idea there were certain things I was doing causing my prospective clients not to tell me the truth. His principles of truth and authenticity along with problem-solving is totally unique. I’m just so glad I found Unlock The Game before I made my next sales call!

Christian Marquez


Your material has helped me regain
my confidence that was lacking.

This absolutely works. I love the way Ari presents his approach especially have 29 long years of being exposed to the likes of Tom Hopkins, Zig Ziglar and all the rest of the gang. Ari’s approach hands down beats them all. I have been so much pride now it what I do. This has given me a new lease on life and I’ve never felt so centered in my sales approach. This has been a breath of fresh air and I only wish this was around 29 years ago, it would have saved me a lot of grey hairs!

Roger Simpson

Business Consultant, Simpson & Associates

Your program is what the accounting field has needed for years!

Recently, our company was an exhibitor at a trade show. A week before the show, I started setting appointments for decisionmakers to come to our booth to meet with me.`By using your approach and changing my mindset, I was able to diffuse any pressure over the phone simply by asking, “Hi, could you help me out for a minute?” Their most common response was, “Sure. What do you need?”`My next question was to ask whether they were open to the idea of looking at different ways to reduce their expenses. Most of the time, they replied, “Well, sure, but what kinds of expenses are you talking about?”

Right then, I was able to open the conversation between us and humanize our initial relationship. At that point, it was easy and comfortable to suggest that we continue our conversation at the tradeshow.

Ari, what I’m about to share with you is something I’ve never seen in my 8 years of selling.

When the people I had talked with arrived at our booth, they looked very unsure of themselves–intimidated, even a bit frightened.

When they said, “I’m here to meet with Scott,” I gave them a big smile and reached my hand out and said, “Hi, I’m Scott, nice to finally meet you.” I then took them away from the booth and sat them down in a neutral area where there was a grouping of chairs, and simply had a conversation with them, like any of us would with one of our best friends over coffee.

Once they realized that I wasn’t there to cram Expense Reduction Experts down their throat, I could actually see their physical demeanor change. One man, for example, went from uncertainty and discomfort to being a warm, smiling person who welcomed me into his life. It was something I’ve never seen in selling before. And the same thing happened with almost every one of the decisionmakers who came to meet with me. It was unbelievable.

What also surprised me is how I took “rejection. I have to put “rejection” in quotes because I never felt that I was rejected, because my conversations with these decisionmakers taught me that we weren’t able to help everyone.

I found out within the first 5 minutes whether or not they had a problem and, if they did, whether our solution was a possible right one for them. When I determined that we didn’t have a solution to their problem, or that our services just didn’t make sense for their company, I felt good, because I wasn’t wasting their time, or, more importantly, MINE.

Don’t get me wrong—I’d like to be able to help everyone, but that’s just not realistic. So, instead of chasing someone for the next 6 months, I felt a sense of relief that we had come to a conclusion, even though our companies were not the right match.

I obtained 3 verbal commitments to our services at the show, and I’m confident that we’ll be able to help several more companies I met with to lower their expenses as well.

Thanks, Ari, for helping me unlock the game—and please invite your readers to get in touch with me for more details.

Listen to Scott’s personal feedback below:

Scott Bishop

Senior Account Representative, Expense Reduction Experts

I am happy to report that I used your approach and it felt great. I had been struggling with the concept of selling my services for sometime. I recently had a very important/large potential client ask me how I felt about selling since my background is in OD and HR. Well, to his surprise and my comfort level I simply explained that I do not sell etc…based on your principles. It may have been the turning point of our positive meeting, which “sold” him on my truthfulness, integrity, and ultimately my services. Thanks for the great insight!

Edie Emmich

General Manager, HR Halftime

Cold calling is no longer a chore for me and now I don’t spend my time ‘chasing’ anymore”

Ari, you’re the only American bloke that really can teach us salespeople here in the UK a good lesson on how to change our selling approach. My results have been outstanding since I ordered your Mastery Program. It’s your mindset that makes it so powerful. What’s fascinating is that your approach is exactly the opposite of what all the other American sales trainers teach here in the UK, and that’s what makes it so intriguing. I’ve cleaned up my pipeline, my sales are up and the dreaded chasing game is finally over.

Listen to Ian’s personal feedback below:

Ian Kershaw

Consultant, ERA United Kingdom

Ari your Unlock The Game content is great. You are very insightful and have been able to describe and simplify complex human reactions to an everyday experience in a way that is very understandable. You have found a great way of helping bring to conscious awareness emotions that are often denied and ignored in the sales interaction, yet have such a negative impact on the out come.

Gail Schaper-Gordon, Ph.D.

President, Win Win Workplace Solutions

Cold calling and talking with gatekeepers doesn’t hurt anymore

The biggest impact from your program is the Unlock The Game mindset and how it’s the complete opposite of just another “sales technique”. I am new to sales, however I have sat across the table from many sales people and know how uncomfortable it gets when someone is “selling at you”.I called one company this week and the receptionist started grilling me about who I was, where I was calling from. I froze as I could feel myself getting tense, but then the mindset kicked in and I was able to understand what I did and what I can do to avoid triggering her defense mechanisms so she didn’t pigeon-hole me as just another “sales call”.

Listen to Ken’s personal feedback below:

Ken Uchida

Consultant, ERA Canada

I have been in direct sales for 30 years. What you have done is nothing short of fantastic. The shift to Unlock The Game™ has made a huge impact on my sales, not to mention my attitude about cold calling, I actually look forward now to making cold calls everyday, I love your approach and I want every everyone to know about it.

Dennis Fadden

Senior Consultant, VOC Inc.

Trust and integrity is the sales process

Let me bottom line this for you Ari. I’m an independent marketing consultant and I’m responsible for a 100% of my own revenue generation. I recently presented my services to a potential client as I normally would.

Of course, I was my usual low-key professional self not using any traditional sales techniques. But at the end of our meeting, a major shift happened. As we were finishing our meeting, he asked “So what’s the next step for us to explore working together?”

I used the exact language that you suggested in your self-study program and here is what he told me “You know, you’re the first Marketing Consultant we’ve talked to that didn’t immediately want to write a proposal and get us to sign it as fast possible. I really respect your candor.

And without skipping another beat, he took out his Palm and asked ME for the follow-up meeting to keep the dialog going. Your Unlock The Game™ program is the “missing link” in selling, and the way you weave trust and integrity into the process is completely unique.

Listen to Larry’s personal feedback below:

Larry Richard

President, Breakthrough Marketing

Your program is what the accounting field has needed for years!

Ari’s program has transformed our entire thinking and results as it relates to selling to our prospects and clients. Unlock The Game has revolutionized our business by helping us weed out prospects who have no intention of buying, and it get’s us away from the traditional “salesperson” stereotype that we, especially here in Australia, hate so much. Making more sales without having to sell the old way is the best kept secret around. If you’re the least bit skeptical about Ari’s program, don’t hesitate to call me.

Listen to Taki’s personal feedback below:

Taki Moore

Action International, Sydney - Australia

Ari, just finished your Unlock The Game program and frankly I’m blown away. All I can think of is the knot in my stomach that I always felt when making a cold call. Now it’s gone. Your method to end pressure has opened up new doors for me. I’ve always been stuck between two worlds, working hard to retain my professionalism and to avoid any pressure-filled sales related language. Your way of cold calling keeps me centered and relaxed. I no longer have to shift into an artificial role when I call someone new. Can’t wait for your next one!

Matthew Yubas

President, Product Coach Inc.

Thank you for taking the time and energy to develop a truly unique approach to getting back to the basics of treating customers and prospects like human beings instead of commodities.

Linda Arellano

CEO, Customer Assurance, Inc.

I am so excited about this because it let’s me be me instead of the dreaded saleperson

Awesome teaching! Creating an approach that addresses the problem for my client is such an “aha” for me. I love your consistent message of “always telling the truth”. So much of what we learn is about making the sale at all costs, and that is why your approach is so refreshing & it makes the sales process so easy! This is exactly what I need. Your program has inspired me to finally overcome the fear and pain of selling my service to “difficult” prospects. Thanks so much for doing this and for your deep sincerity and desire to give us your very best. All of us know when we are “being sold” and when someone’s heart is really in what they do and I believe yours is very much in what you do. Ari, I look forward to a long relationship with you.

Carmen Stine

Legal Nurse Consultants

Now I see how wrong all the other sales gurus are!

Ari, as a consultant, selling my services always felt so inconsistent with everything else I do – like something I had to suit up for, put on the armor and just go do. Whereas consulting is all about understanding clients problems, getting to the root cause and helping them take action. Unlock the Game was really the missing link for me.”Now I see how wrong all the other sales guru’s are. And here’s proof – just weeks after beginning to integrate the mindset into my selling approach, I closed a sizable account in a third of the time it would have taken me before – from months to just a few weeks.The best part of all was that by staying focused on their core problem, I never had to apply any pressure. Not to get the appointment, not to get an in depth meeting with the leadership team, not even to develop the proposal. Talk about the fast track – Every step of the way, they shared the next step in their buying process in a completely frictionless manner. Thanks Ari – Now I can’t wait for the next selling opportunity!

Mike Dalton

Racine, Wisconsin

Unlock The Game has completely transformed our business to level we never though possible

We can’t stop talking about Ari’s Unlock The Game and how much it has impacted our entire company from sales to customer service and even our own staff. We’ve implemented the trust-based strategies that Ari teaches and it has transformed our company to a level I never thought possible. At first I thought it would just impact our sales, but then I realized that it had the power to transform our entire company and that’s exactly what it has done. If you’re an entrepreneur and haven’t implemented Unlock The Game across your company, you have no idea how much you are losing.

Dale Beaumont

Managing Director, Business Blueprint, Sydney Australia

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