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“I’ve been hitting my head against the wall for months, until I found Unlock The Game”

“I’ve been hitting my head against the wall (so to speak) for months trying to figure out why selling financial planning is so damn tough. After applying Unlock The Game across the board in my phone calls, marketing letters and tradeshow strategies, it finally hit me why my business has finally turned around for the better: your program has given me a profound release from the old school selling ideas that everyone in my industry still uses day in and day out. I know have the keys I had been looking for to finally figure out how to have my prospects, at first contact, trust me and share with their problems openly, without hesitation.”

Winston Robinson
Financial Consultant, Investors Group Financial Services

“Cold calling and talking with gatekeepers doesn’t hurt anymore”

“The biggest impact from your program is the Unlock The Game mindset and how it’s the complete opposite of just another “sales technique”. I am new to sales, however I have sat across the table from many sales people and know how uncomfortable it gets when someone is “selling at you”. I called one company this week and the receptionist started grilling me about who I was, where I was calling from. I froze as I could feel myself getting tense, but then the mindset kicked in and I was able to understand what I did and what I can do to avoid triggering her defense mechanisms so she didn’t pigeon-hole me as just another “sales call”.

Ken Uchida
Consultant, ERA Canada

“I finally learned how to unlock the dreadful cold calling and chasing game”

“I can’t believe in all my years of selling, no one has ever had the brilliant insights to stop the chasing of prospects until now. Ari’s Mastery Program material is brilliant. I’ve never seen anyone articulate so clearly how to make the dreaded cold call into one of the most pleasant experiences in my day. I even learned how to follow-up with prospects on email by engaging them in a conversation around THEIR problems and not MY solutions. If you don’t have Ari’s program, you are definitely not reaching your potential.”

Tad Hargrave
CEO, Radical Business Marketing

“My sales have doubled”

“My sales have doubled for one simple yet powerful reason: my mindset has been expanded by the Unlock The Game™ program giving me new skills that I never could have imagined. What’s happening is that potential clients now trust me at a deeper level than they ever have resulting in more sales and even better, more referrals. Hands down, Unlock The Game™ is the breakthrough to all traditional sales messages that just gets rehashed over and over again. Nothing proves a new program better than more sales.”

Pat Sawler
President, Craigburn Capital
“Ari, thank you so much for the program “Handling Objections.” I had a few members of my sales team join in on the call, and we all learned something! We are planning on role-playing (as you did) at our next team meeting, so that everyone can take advantage of what we learned. Thanks again!”
Lee Embree
District Manager, Commercial Accounts, Sprint Canada Inc.

“Unlock The Game has taught me to be grounded, centered and present with my prospect clients!”

“Always in the past where I would be chasing after prospects and then after months of chasing-they would say either, “Stop calling me!” or “I’ve already gone with someone else.” I don’t have to worry about that as I can now know where they stand thanks to your program. I’m able to get through to over over 90% of my decision makers and have a dialogue with them as they realize that I’m thinking about their needs and not assuming that I can help them which they’re shocked about because this is the normal assumption that all sales reps make when they’re calling them. One thing that I’ve noticed whenever I talk to prospects is I go rather deep with them on a call. They simply talk about their challenges, issues and problems without me even suggesting it to them. It has allowed me to easily to see if they are a fit. My results have increased for the better!”

Derek Wisniewski
Ontario, Canada

“Unlock The Game has completely transformed our business to level we never though possible”

“We can’t stop talking about Ari’s Unlock The Game and how much it has impacted our entire company from sales to customer service and even our own staff. We’ve implemented the trust-based strategies that Ari teaches and it has transformed our company to a level I never thought possible. At first I thought it would just impact our sales, but then I realized that it had the power to transform our entire company and that’s exactly what it has done. If you’re an entrepreneur and haven’t implemented Unlock The Game across your company, you have no idea how much you are losing.”

Dale Beaumont
Managing Director, Business Blueprint, Sydney Australia