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How to Become Problem-Centric in Your Approach

Your prospect won’t allow you into their world unless they perceive you as being selfless in your intentions.

But unless your advisory practice is a non-profit entity, being selfless in your intentions is completely at odds with your need to make the sale. 
How do you reconcile this paradox?  

In this month’s Stump The Guru show, I’ll be talking How to Become Problem-Centric in Your Approach.

I’ve made it my life’s mission to create the clarity that is missing in the traditional sales process, through decades of working with thousands of business owners all over the world, refining Trust-Based Selling into a true art form:

· Stop “chasing” ghosts (leads that never call you back!)
· Make the sale in ONE conversation, without pressure
· Stop selling, create deep trust instead

I’ve taken my mission one step further and created a livestream show called “Stump The Guru’” — where you get the opportunity to jump on live and ask me your toughest sales questions that you’d love an answer for.