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“I followed the exact Mindset Ari teaches and got results right away”

“Ari, your unique sales approach caught my attention the minute I heard about you. What I really like is the calmness and confidence that takes place when the “mindset” is really at work. In the past I’ve played games with myself and psyched myself up to make sales calls. I started out in college selling “Cookware” door to door. As a matter of fact, I worked my way through college from this income. It was “hard nosed” selling and very manipulative approach. Later I was trained to sell life insurance and although the training was a bit more sophisticated, the selling process was still manipulative. Both of these were a painful and stressful. Unlock The Game has turned everything around for me. I no longer play the “chasing game” as you say. I’m not stressed at the end of the day and I finally feel natural when I’m making my sales calls, calm and centered. Unlock the Game is the missing link that will add years to my life!”

Mike Fisher
Independent Consultant

“Now I know why my sales were going no where.”

“I just finished reading and listening to the Unlock The Game program and it has really helped me connect the dots with why my sales seem to go no where. I get through the whole process, even through a couple of appointments, and no sale! The sale was lost at “hello”, as you have identified. I’m looking forward to correcting my mindset and having my most successful year ever. Thank you!”

Marissa Ayala
Account Executive, State Farm Insurance & Financial Services

“This program is profound and life changing.”

“I am loving your program Ari. I’ve been diligently listening to your CDs and I have taken so much away from them. Yesterday I was working with a client over the phone and I would usually just let the client give me the information and give them a quote. This time I simply asked him to tell me about his situation and I would see if we were going to be a good fit for one another. We were a fit, I developed unprecedented trust and got a quality client. I can see the difference in my clients now. I am able to read them and they are honest with me. I am also becoming an even better listener and overall more effective person. This whole process is great. I listen to to your CDs whenever I am in the car and I find that they are inspiring and half way humorous. Great job Ari!”.

Scott Henderson
Hamman-Miller-Beauchamp-Deeble, Inc

“Cold calling is productive again and I’m cutting down on chasing prospects.”

“Ari, your program makes perfect sense. I’ve known for some time that there was something wrong with the traditional way of cold calling, but could not seem to get past it. I’ve spoken to new prospects by phone using your approach and have had good results. My old training taught me to push for the appointment the minute someone expressed interested in my products. By using your approach and asking them what would make them feel comfortable about their situation, I’m cutting down on useless appointments and the dreaded cat and mouse sales game.”

Chris Friedley
Sales Agent, Mid-West National Life Insurance Co.

“I put Unlock The Game to the ultimate cold call test, and it worked!”

“I ordered your Unlock The Game Mastery program just yesterday and went through the cold calling material right away. I liked what I saw and decided that a true cold call — knowing nothing but the name of the person at a company — would be a great way to test whether just the “language” of what you suggest might bring me better results than the techniques and strategies I’ve been using. I’ve been finding that I kept having to “defend” the call, which was almost always pleasant enough but didn’t engage the other person in a dialogue.

In other words, I was getting nowhere fast. So this morning I randomly picked a CFO to call. I used your suggested language verbatim, and it worked EXACTLY as you said it would, no pressure, no rejection and a booked appointment to boot!

I can’t tell you how relaxed and comfortable the conversation went from start to finish.

I’m looking forward to making more calls and to mastering your Unlock The Game program.

Mark Mixer
Senior Consultant, AON Consulting, Atlanta, Georgia

“I’m having my best year ever – thanks Ari!”

“I started in sales 5 years ago and was trained to think that dials were the most important thing and work almost like a machine. “It’s all a numbers game” they told me. The more dials you make, the more reaches you have, the more presentations you make, the more sales you make. It was all about how many dials I made, period. That all changed when I bought Ari’s Unlock The Game materials. We started using his Mindset at the beginning of this year, 2008. According to my numbers, 2006 was my best year ever. I made the most dials that year and therefore had made the most money. 2007 was horrible, I was getting burnt out. I was measuring my existence by a bunch of marks on sheet. It was all I had to show for my hard work!

This year I have made half the amount of dials as I made in 2006, and am making more money than I ever did. But here’s the best part. I’m starting to love what I do again. I measure my days not by how many marks I put on my sheet, but by how many relationships I make and how many problems I can solve in a day. This is a much more sane way to live. My current job changes the lives of insurance agents, but yours changes the lives of everyone involved! Thank You Ari.”

Mike Obremski
Insurance Profit Systems

“I Don’t Struggle Any More With Cold Calling Thanks To Ari’s Unlock The Game Program.”

“I was struggling with picking up the phone and making my calls. I knew in my heart their must be a better a way. So I went to Google and searched for cold calling help and thank goodness I found Ari’s site. It has literally changed the way I sell (I’ve already made $24,000 from his strategies) and think about selling. All these years I thought it was about pitching and closing. Then Ari opened my eyes to realize that it’s about building trust and opening relationships, that’s what generates sales short and long term. Ari you have changed my mindset, I’m making more sales and I can’t wait to hear about what else you come out with.”

Laura Sturm
Agent, National Business Association

“Prospects are really opening up, more than ever before”

“I have listened to the CDs over and over and each time I pick up something I missed before.

I have never had a problem with actual cold calling, but it has been the way to word my approach, that has caused my stomach to tighten because I’m sitting here thinking that if I were on the other end of the phone I would hang up if I heard my “sales pitch”.

The information you are giving me is allowing me to have the kind of conversation with people I, myself, would allow people to have with me.

I’m finding that prospects who, I would have otherwise put onto a future contacts list, are now saying that they’d be happy to discuss a better health insurance plan, all because I changed my mindset, and wording from a script to a pressure free conversation. This is the best sales material I have ever seen, because there is no selling, just building trust which equals more sales, brilliant.”

Denise Fitzpatrick
Farm and Ranch Health Care, Cheyenne - WY, USA

“To sum up my experience with Unlock The Game, last week I met a gal at a networking group who told me that she was choosing between 3 portfolio advisors for her $80k 401k roll-over. I wanted so bad to tell her what I could do to win her business… but, no. As much as it hurt, I asked her what she thought she should do. She said another firm would get her business. I said, calmly “Then that’s exactly what you should do. I think that makes excellent sense to go with them.” Surrender. Give it over. Stop fighting, stop convincing, stop defending. Amazingly, after pondering for a moment, she said “Frank, do you think you might be able to design a portfolio for me, you’ve impressed me as someone who cares. Wow. That is $2,000 I never would have earned if it wasn’t for Unlock The Game™.”

Frank Lehane
Insurance Consultant, Insuranceko.com
“I enjoyed your CDs. I like the fact that the salespersons’ frame of mind is walking into the prospect thinking, ‘I don’t need a sale, if it will not help the prospect’. It really takes the pressure off.”
Sue Eusepi
Regional Director, AFLAC

“I’m now so aware of coming across as a “sales person” that I can’t believe all these years I never realized the impact I was having on my prospects!”

“As a former door-to-door financial “salesperson” (AKA advisor), going deep into conversations went only as far as finding out if people had “worthy” amounts of assets, and building “rapport”.

Not any more! Creating trust and leaving behind the old self-centered mindset is absolutely the key to success as you teach Ari. I’m walking by faith here in the idea of operating with a self-less, being-of-total-service mindset as the key to my long term success. Thank you!”

Frank Lehane
Orange County, CA