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“Finally, the truth about selling”

“Profound is the only word I can think of to describe the Unlock The Game program. It cuts through all the old traditional sales messages that all of us have been so conditioned to accept. Finally, someone has enough guts to stand up and say enough to the sales thinking and behaviors that have caused such negative sales stereotyping around people who aren’t part of that stereotype. Ari, you have grounded me in a philosophy that is so genuine and practical that I’m already applying it to my daily selling situations.”

Alexandria Brown
President, The E-Zine Queen

“I finally learned how to unlock the dreadful cold calling and chasing game”

“I can’t believe in all my years of selling, no one has ever had the brilliant insights to stop the chasing of prospects until now. Ari’s Mastery Program material is brilliant. I’ve never seen anyone articulate so clearly how to make the dreaded cold call into one of the most pleasant experiences in my day. I even learned how to follow-up with prospects on email by engaging them in a conversation around THEIR problems and not MY solutions. If you don’t have Ari’s program, you are definitely not reaching your potential.”

Tad Hargrave
CEO, Radical Business Marketing

“I am so excited about this because it let’s me be me instead of the dreaded saleperson”

“Ari, with just one simple change in my sales calls you helped me get to the truth with my prospects! I have listened to your materials several times, and hear is my sense so far. I think what you have articulated and put together is profound. I have a background in psychology and several years ago I shifted out of that arena and went into selling a service I believe is fantastic. The challenge i have had, is suddenly I was being something I was not, as I tried to figure out how to dialogue with others around getting them started using my service. I have developed an internal pressure that has been gnawing at my gut for months now, and I am slowly hating the selling process. I have taken courses on how to sell, spent hours trying to figure this game out and my results are very mediocre. I kept saying to myself there has to be a way that I can be my natural self, authentic just like I was in the counseling setting. But my mindset shifted because I want to make a sale, as this is how I earn money. So I am taking on all this pressure that is getting in the way. Even though I am easy to converse with and I approach people with the idea to see if this is a fit for them or not, my deep goal is to make a sale.

When you said that the shift has to come in my own mind, that my goal is not the sale but to have a conversation instead to get to the truth, I’m thinking WOW.

I have begun to see all the ways that I have been approaching people in the context of what you are saying and I see where I am going down the wrong path and why I haven’t enjoyed myself. This is going into my busiest season, and I am looking forward to changing the game I have been playing!! Thanks Ari, I am excited to continue my growth.”

Carol McWilliams
Send Out Cards Marketing

“After 20 Years In Sales, Ari’s Program Finally Gave Me The Breakthrough I Was Looking For”

“I was hesitant to buy Ari’s program because I’m pretty skeptical when it comes to new sales programs. Luckily I didn’t let my skepticism hold me back because now I’m booking more appointments that I ever could have imagined. It really is about a different mindset, about letting go of focusing only on the sale, and saying goodbye to any fears of picking up the phone. It’s so simple, yet no one in my last 20 years of selling has ever explained how to sell without pressure and by only focusing on building trust. It’s amazing to make a phone call with complete ease, to be welcomed by your prospect and have them book an appointment. Selling is finally enjoyable again.“

Steve Lainer
Senior Consultant, Rymax Marketing Services Inc

“I’m more relaxed, more myself and now really connect deeply with people.”

“WOW pretty much sums it up. I’ve been in sales for the first time in my career. I have always had a negative connotation about sales, pretty much thought anyone in sales was a con artist and could absolutely not be trusted. But when I bought your materials, I immediately absorbed and absorbed and in just 14 days I am seeing such an amazing difference. I definitely feel more confident than I did before and my prospects are finally being honest with me. I am more relaxed, more myself, speak much much much slower, and really listen. I just appreciate your approach, your great customer interaction and your wonderful coaching team who have helped me see endless possibilities that a profession in sales and consulting can really be for a person like me. Just cannot say enough how much I appreciate you!”

Jennifer Wideman
Send Out Cards Marketing
“Every single one of your points in your program resonate with me. I’m new to sales, I came from a marketing background and moved to GA for family reasons and took a job in sales. Having never learned how to sell, but knowing that I had a quota to meet, I went online in search of tips for selling and found your site. Within the first 3 months of studying your materials, I became the top salesperson in the company and have remained at the top ever since. My clients trust me, they know I want to do what’s best for them on their timeline. I get thank you notes from most of my clients and some now email me just to keep in touch. Thank you Ari.”
Lorna Rodger
Consultant, Marketing Central

“I can’t believe the difference that Ari’s approach makes, it’s natural, authentic and actually fun!”

“I ordered Ari’s complete program right before I left for a 4 day conference for Veterinarians. As a consultant, I went to meet potential clients and strategic partners. This is a new niche market for me and for the first three days, I got nothing! One person said they wanted help getting clients and as soon as they new I was a consultant, they turned cold and walked away (they didn’t know I saw them throw my business card in the trash). On my last night I sat in my room feeling defeated. As my last ditch effort, I busted out some of Ari’s material and read through just a portion of it. With a new mindset and language to match it, I was determined to spend the last four hours of the conference in the method Ari teaches. What did I have to lose? First three full days I got nothing. In the last four hours, I had two veterinarians give me their info and ask me to call them. An industry sales person practically begged me to let him introduce me to his clients throughout three states, and a consultant for Pfizer, who ignored me previously, engaged and suggested I work with him on a project. I couldn’t believe the difference Ari’s approach makes. It is natural, more authentic, and actually fun. I highly recommend his material to everyone and he has become my go to resource for all things sales related.”

Josh McGinnis
Chattanooga, TN