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“I’m finally uncovering the truth with my prospects and all of a sudden selling is easy and painless”

In only 2 weeks since discovering UTG, I’ve been able to change the interactions of my prospect interactions with me, to the point where I feel I’m finally uncovering the truth of their situations (as you teach). Instead of being constantly stiff-armed, prospects are sharing with me the nature of their problems, their priority, and decision timing. Usually, they are not ready to move forward, but now it’s a joint decision between myself and the prospect — not a fabricated stall to chase me off the phone.
In addition to being a lot more gratifying than the old arm-wrestling contests I used to have with prospects, it’s allowing me to see the real market opportunities. I think I just had a prospect ask ME for an appointment! The fact that he asked lets me know that UTG is working its magic!

Jon Wolff

Legacy Group

“I finally learned how to unlock the dreadful cold calling and chasing game”

My sales have doubled for one simple yet powerful reason: my mindset has been expanded by the Unlock The Game program giving me new skills that I never could have imagined. What’s happening is that potential clients now trust me at a deeper level than they ever have resulting in more sales and even better, more referrals. Hands down, Unlock The Game is the breakthrough to all traditional sales messages that just gets rehashed over and over again. Nothing proves a new program better than more sales.”

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Pat Sawler

President, Craigburn Mortgage Capital

“If you’re in the Mortgage business and don’t have Ari’s program, you’re moving backwards”

Selling mortgages these days is really tough. Everyone is doing it and they are all doing it the same old traditional way. Of course we have all been trained with the old way of thinking, giving a pitch and then closing our eyes and hoping we get the application. Boy, is that painful.Your mindset is absolutely in accordance with my personal beliefs. I hate getting sales calls myself, so now I have a mental framework to work from that makes me completely different than everyone else in the Mortgage industry. I now know how to create a two-way dialogue instead of a one-way pitch. Thank you Ari, you have helped me find my personal voice.”

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Eric Mercier

Mortgage Broker, Pacific First Financial

“Revolutionary and Brilliant.”

Your Mindset is right on the mark. Just to let you know I live in a small town in a rural community in northern CA. I was mentored by a man that was a life member of the million dollar round table and led his company in sales from this remote area. He was a giant in his industry, and before he retired gave motivational speeches and seminars around the nation. I feel very fortunate to have learned everything that he taught me. What you are doing is another notch above that. The way you have intertwined honesty and integrity in a business that is notoriously “salesy”, is nothing short of brilliant and revolutionary. Ari, you are the new role model.”

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Ben Copeland

Mortgage Broker, B.C. Home Loans

“I can now be myself again instead of the dreaded morgtage sales person”

“Personally, my mindset has always been about helping people. The problem was that every mortgage company trains their people the same way, the old way. You know what I mean, make more calls, accept rejection as normal, getting beat up is part of sales. Boy, are they living in the dark ages. Ari’s program has helped me to stop “selling” and instead to be a trusted advisor on the phone. People trust me now because they know I don’t have a hidden agenda to try and sell them — instead they know that I want to help them. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Ari, thank you for giving me a new philosophy that let’s me be me and not an unwelcomed salesperson.”

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Joe Albany

Mortgage Consultant, AFG Financial Group

“Ari, I think the material you have is wonderful. You present it in a way that makes it possible for people to get the idea immediately. I think people might struggle, at first, with the fact that it is so contrary to what we’ve all been taught about successful selling, but, the whole concept of trust — trusting that taking a different view of ourselves, our business and our customers – is so core to who we all are that it is bound to positively impact our success.”

Katherine Moody

Senior Broker, Wilshire Thorne Residential Mortgage