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Network Marketing

“If you’re in Network Marketing, and don’t own Ari’s program, you’re asking for rejection.”

“When I entered the Network Marketing field, the first thing I wanted to make sure of was that I didn’t sound like a “network marketer”. The first thing I was given was a sales script that made me cringe “Hi, my name is Trish, I’m calling you about a new business opportunity…” OUCH! Immediate hang ups and personal rejection. It was horrible. I even considered quitting the business but then I found Ari’s program. His approach was the antidote to my fear of rejection. It taught me to be myself again, start natural conversations with prospects and double my results. This is one program you can’t afford not to have.”

Trish Murrary
Representative, Melaleuca

“It’s the best kept secret in business today.”

“Not possible. No way. I couldn’t have ever imagined there was a way to sell in a humane manner, without being passive or losing my ambitions and focus. Unlock The Game™ has got to be the best kept secret in business today. All those books and tapes on my shelf from the “sales gurus” have gone into the trash both literally and figuratively. Ari, brilliant job. Just makes so much sense. It’s always these kind of ideas that end up changing the face of business as we know it.”

Glen Sinclair
Sales Consultant, Home Improvement - U.K.
“Ari, you are a role model for me because I believe your integrity is key. I thought I was a failure as a sales person years ago, but after being exposed to your beliefs, I know I was taught negative sales behaviors.”
Christina Marie Marsland
Telecom Plus- UK

“Now I don’t have to use those horrible sales scripts that everyone hates!”

“When I became involved in the MLM business, the first thing we got in the training program was the same old script that you probably hear all the time — “Hi, how are you today? I’m calling to see if you’d be interested in a new business opportunity where you can earn supplemental income with very little investment?” Uugggh! My personality has never been on the aggressive side, so when I found Ari’s program and realized I can still be successful in network marketing without being associated with the negative stereoytype of a network marketer, I knew I found the sales program for me.”

Ben Cross
Mannatech Inc., Australia
“Unlock The Game is life changing. I’ve been in sales and marketing in Australia for over 17 years and this program has single handedly made a breakthrough in my own selling results. It’s a major mindset shift that has been long and coming in the selling world. The results are fantastic!’
Greg Sweet
Consultant, Vitality For Life, Australia

“The Mindset is exactly the opposite of how we are taught to sell, thank goodness!”

“The mindset is really making sense to me… it’s almost as if it is (or should be called) the “natural” Mindset. I have been reading and listening to a lot of other trainers and techniques and all were the traditional approaches with some some change to make it appear to be different.But this is one I feel like I can stick with and will. I think the mindset applies to everything in life. Just being able to detect the pressure and knowing how to diffuse it in such a simple way. No need to escalate any conversation to a debate and a debate to a heated arguement when we all should know that nothing positive comes out of that sort of exchange in the end.

I know you hear this from everyone and I know everyone means every word of it.

Thank You Ari.“

James Crosswell
Representative, Agel, Tulsa OK

“It wasn’t my product’s fault, it was HOW I was selling it, that was the problem.”

“I am really amazed at how much I am getting from your program. I can see that my suffering through the selling process was holding me back from — well, all kinds of stuff, really. It’s just like you say in your materials — that when you can relax and let go of some of pressure, you become freed up to be yourself — wow, does that ever feel good. I had an appointment with someone this evening and I started off saying, “I don’t believe in pressuring people, or closing, or one size fits all. I don’t believe everybody should be a Melaleuca customer, and I just want you to do what’s best for you and for you to feel comfortable.” And I could feel the release of tension, and how freeing it was to have it go away, so we could just talk, like friends. I love it! I’m so glad I found you Ari and Unlock The Game.”

Candice Hughes
Representative, Melaleuca