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Objections: Fight or Flight or Diffuse And Reengage

People who sell typically handle objections in a defensive manner or in ways that try to convince prospects that their objection isn’t true. But that’s actually an attack on the other person’s reality and puts them on the defensive. They start fearing that we’re going to try to “sell” them by persuading them, so they either challenge us more, or they try to get out of the situation.

In this episode of Stump The Guru, I’ll be talking about how you can shift from “Fight or Flight” mode to “re-engage” mode, the, more you create trust and allow the conversation to re-open again without pressure.  I’ve made it my life’s mission to give you the clarity that you are missing in your sales process, through decades of working with thousands of business owners all over the world, refining Trust-Based Selling into a true art form.

This podcast is live, unedited, unrehearsed and with guests from all over the world, from all different industries …. Listen in as I offer coaching you on how you can handle this particular situation whilst my guests try to stump me with their challenging sales situations. 

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