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“It feels good to finally stop chasing prospects and get them to respond to me.”

“Your mindset was exactly the tool that I needed to end the chasing game with my prospects who try and disappear on me. One in particular and told me that he was seriously interested. We met, I sent him a proposal and then he was no where to be found. I just hate that feeling of being left hanging like that. Well, I read through your mastery materials and immediately applied what you teach about not applying pressure on the phone and using email and just like pure magic, he responded right back to me telling me the truth of where we stood. Thank you Ari.”

Steve Ettel
Account Manager, Blackbourn Media Packaging

““Thank you, Ari, you have been a blessing to our family and I hope to be able to extend my gratitude in person one day.”

“After making the jump from inside sales to outside account manager, I got it in my head that I needed to change the way I sold and adopt one of the selling models the “grown-ups” were all using. I spent the next year and a half dabbling in everything, from Neil Rackham’s SPIN Selling, Miller Heiman’s Strategic Selling, to Keith Eade’s The New Solution Selling.In pursuit of emulating the “perfect” sales model, I lost my authenticity as well as suffered from a debilitating case of paralysis by analysis; and customers noticed. Over the next two years my sales crashed through the floor and I garnered more income hawking my Airline miles from traveling to meet prospects than I earned in commissions. Sad…I know, but it fed the kids.

Thank God Ari’s teachings came upon me just in time and opened up my mind to the fact that “Following a linear selling process limits your natural creativity”. With this new insight, I have shaped my focus and direction towards honing my “inner game”. It’s still a work in progress, but suffice it to say my career has come a long way from flipping airline tickets – at the age of 25 my wife and I just closed escrow and are realizing our dream of watching our three little ones grow up playing in our own backyard. We were high school sweethearts and thought this would be a nearly impossible dream given the hardships of being parents at 19.Thank you, Ari, you have been a blessing to our family and I hope to be able to extend my gratitude in person one day”

Julio de Unamuno
San Diego, California