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“My marketing business has really exploded since I’ve experienced Unlock The Game”

I used to run a marketing company and my sales staff did ok, but didn’t work at peak performance until we studied Unlock The Game.Since this time, Medici Marketing has grown 83% since the time we initially studied the course and had my very first interaction with Adam (my coach here in Australia) back in early 2006.

Both my staff and I are so very relieved that we come across the Mastery Program when we did, as we were struggling and “Hated” making outbound sales calls. A lot of people will say that cold calling is dead, and marketing is the way to go, and I totally agree with that to a degree.

I would rather re-phrase that and say the “old way” of cold calling is dead, but not the Unlock The Game way, it teachs you how to effectively pickup the phone and call potential clients, and handle inbound leads very effectively in a time when trust is at it’s lowest (espescially when it comes to selling). What a breath of fresh air your course and coaching has been to us.

This program has been a turning point in my company’s success, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Anton Stout

Managing Director, "Medici Marketing" - Melbourne - Australia