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“It wasn’t my product’s fault,
it was HOW I was selling it, that was the problem”

I am really amazed at how much I am getting from your program. I can see that my suffering through the selling process was holding me back from — well, all kinds of stuff, really. It’s just like you say in your materials — that when you can relax and let go of some of pressure, you become freed up to be yourself — wow, does that ever feel good. I had an appointment with someone this evening and I started off saying, “I don’t believe in pressuring people, or closing, or one size fits all. I don’t believe everybody should be a Melaleuca customer, and I just want you to do what’s best for you and for you to feel comfortable.” And I could feel the release of tension, and how freeing it was to have it go away, so we could just talk, like friends. I love it! I’m so glad I found you Ari and Unlock The Game.”

Listen to Candice’s personal feedback below:

Candice Hughes

Representative, Melaleuca