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Ari, I love your Unlock The Game program.  One part in particular has really made a big difference for me. It relates to a question from a seller (I’m a real estate agent) who asked why they should do business with me (my company, etc.).  I said something to the effect of “Well, Mrs. Smith, I’m not necessarily sure that we should yet. May I ask you a few questions to better determine if we’re a good fit?” (Or something like that). Well, Ari, she looked a little surprised at my reaction, and calmed down right away.  We both relaxed, and it got easier from that point on. I absolutely love the difference of not sounding scripted, etc. You’re going to put all those old school sales trainers out of business!”

Listen to Caroline’s personal feedback below:

Caroline Karolewicz

Real Estate Broker, Century 21 Realty