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“Now I know how to sell by being myself and not a ‘salesperson'”

My whole approach to selling has been indoctrinated over the last 11 years working for various companies.  My first ever sales manager told me that “Selling is a numbers game and you must apply pressure, pressure to get the sale”. Ari you made me realize, that way of thinking is comes from the dinosaur age of selling. Your Unlock the Game program has re-programmed my mindset completely and I now look forward to picking up the phone and having a conversation with whoever is at the other end, be it gatekeeper or decision maker. You have also taught me that approaching people from a human and humble perspective with no hidden agendas and simply talking to people and opening up a conversation about their issues, not my solutions really does work.  As you state Ari, the mindset really does apply to sales people and non-sales people alike and I’m proof of that because I can now be myself which, after all, is what I’m best at.”

Listen to Chris’ personal feedback below:

Chris Barnard

Managing Director, P-Tek Development Solutions - U.K.