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“Prospects are really opening up,more than ever before”

“I have listened to the CDs over and over and each time I pick up something I missed before.

I have never had a problem with actual cold calling, but it has been the way to word my approach, that has caused my stomach to tighten because I’m sittingt here thinking that if I were on the other end of the phone I would hang up if I heard my “sales pitch”.

The information you are giving me is allowing me to have the kind of
conversation with people I, myself, would allow people to have with me.

I’m finding that prospects who, I would have otherwise put onto a future contacts list, are now saying that they’d be happy to discuss a better health insurance plan, all because I changed my mindset, and wording from a script to a pressure free conversation. This is the best sales material I have ever seen, because there is no selling, just building trust which equals more sales, brilliant.”

Denise Fitzpatrick

Farm and Ranch Health Care, Cheyenne - WY, USA