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“My fear of cold calling will never again hold me back again”

The fear of cold calling has always held me back, but not anymore. I’ve bought all the “salesy” real estate programs out there, but Unlock The Game blows all that junk away. It’s the most natural but effective cold calling approach I’ve very seen. I’m now even using it in written communications with homeowners considering finding a broker to represent them in the transaction.There is no doubt that every Real Estate professional should have this program. If not, they are leaving a a lot of money on the table, without even knowing it. As of today, I’m throwing away all of my sales scripts taught by the “gurus” and will now rely on my own natural languaging and approach. Thank you Ari, you are a model for all of us to emulate. ”

Listen to Dennis’ personal feedback below:

Dennis Black

Avalar Realty