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“Ari, I Have Exceeded All Three Year-To-Date Goals!””

““Hey Ari, I enjoyed getting to meet you in LA at your Sales Breakthrough Summit and wanted to shed some light your way. I closed a deal at the end of the month last month and received my end of month statement (Showing my YTD sales). We have 3 different YTD quotas, equipment sales/goals, margin goals and in the printing business we have print goals. I was informed I have exceeded all three year to date goals already. This was a huge accomplishment for myself since this was my first full year at this company and being the fastest person to go over 100% in their first year.

Additionally, I ended up closing another deal last week that was double my monthly quota. Unlock The Game has helped me so much, and following the mindset and focusing on the way you teach us to create trust has helped more than you can imagine. I have found that applying your system has made the difference from making a sale to making a sale with 20% or more margin added.

Derek Watson

Des Moines, IA