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“Unlock The Game has taught me to be grounded, centered and present with my prospect clients!”

“Always in the past where I would be chasing after prospects and then after months of chasing-they would say either, “Stop calling me!” or “I’ve already gone with someone else.” I don’t have to worry about that as I can now know where they stand thanks to your program. I’m able to get through to over over 90% of my decision makers and have a dialogue with them as they realize that I’m thinking about their needs and not assuming that I can help them which they’re shocked about because this is the normal assumption that all sales reps make when they’re calling them. One thing that I’ve noticed whenever I talk to prospects is I go rather deep with them on a call. They simply talk about their challenges, issues and problems without me even suggesting it to them. It has allowed me to easily to see if they are a fit. My results have increased for the better!”

Derek Wisniewski

Ontario, Canada