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“I got my first listing today from a UTG sales call a 7 unit apartment building listed for $1.6M, that’s $40,000 in commissions!”

“Who sales there’s a real estate recession!? With your appoach Ari, there’s plenty of business out there! I am an investment broker with Keller Williams and I have been selling real estate for 23 years. The market has been rough this year and my production is down since my best year in 2005 with about 435K in gross commission income (GCI). I started out the year by taking some coaching classes and business planning sessions and was ready to overcome a tough market. A lot of my strategy was cold calling like never before. However, after 3 months I had a poor ratio of success in terms of how many leads i would get in proportion to the number of calls I made. The old sales scripts just weren’t working anymore. Basically I was just asking people point blank if they wanted to sell their property. Sometimes I would say I had an investor who was looking for a building in their neighborhood.

So after a few months of frustration I found your website and bought everything I could get my hands on that you created. I put everything in my ipod and started listening to them constantly. I realized this was the answer to what I was seeking. I immediatley started working on my problem statement and dialogues. I realized I had been coasting with the hot real estate market and had not been feeding my brain all that much.

It only took me a few days to “get it”. Ari, all I can say is that I have wasted years of quality selling time by selling the old way. I don’t want to even think about all the lost opportunities I could have had if I would have found Unlock The Game earlier in my career. Ari, you rock and I can’t wait to buy any future products you come out with!”

Derrick Ruiz

Keller Williams Realty