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“The Mindset is exactly the opposite of how we are taught to sell, thank goodness!”

The mindset is really making sense to me… it’s almost as if it is (or should be called) the “natural” Mindset. I have been reading and listening to a lot of other trainers and techniques and all were the traditional approaches with some some change to make it appear to be different.But this is one I feel like I can stick with and will. I think the mindset applies to everything in life. Just being able to detect the pressure and knowing how to diffuse it in such a simple way. No need to escalate any conversation to a debate and a debate to a heated arguement when we all should know that nothing positive comes out of that sort of exchange in the end. 

I know you hear this from everyone and I know everyone means every word of it,
Thank You Ari. ”

James Crosswell

Representative, Agel, Tulsa OK