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“I was in telesales and in a lot of pain, from getting icy responses from prospects”

When I found Ari’s Unlock The Game and connected with my coach here in Australia, it was magic. I went from being scared and timid, to being able to pick up the phone and call anyone at anytime without fear. And it’s like calling ‘old friends’.

I know make up to $20,000 a month on the telephone, and I absolutely love cold calling and connecting with people. And, I now use the power of cold calling and Unlock The Game, by leveraging what I’ve learnt from Ari’s.

Not only do I use the program to makes sales via cold calling, I also use it to created Joint Business Ventures with very influential business leaders, as well as strategic alliances that has proven so very successful for me.

Thank you Ari and Adam for being such a gift in my life.

Listen to John’s personal feedback below:

John Anderson

Marketing Manager - "Life Beyond Limits" Melbourne - Australia