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“I’m finally uncovering the truth with my prospects and all of a sudden selling is easy and painless”

In only 2 weeks since discovering UTG, I’ve been able to change the interactions of my prospect interactions with me, to the point where I feel I’m finally uncovering the truth of their situations (as you teach). Instead of being constantly stiff-armed, prospects are sharing with me the nature of their problems, their priority, and decision timing. Usually, they are not ready to move forward, but now it’s a joint decision between myself and the prospect — not a fabricated stall to chase me off the phone.
In addition to being a lot more gratifying than the old arm-wrestling contests I used to have with prospects, it’s allowing me to see the real market opportunities. I think I just had a prospect ask ME for an appointment! The fact that he asked lets me know that UTG is working its magic!

Jon Wolff

Legacy Group