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“I can’t believe the difference that Ari’s approach makes, it’s natural, authentic and actually fun!”

“I ordered Ari’s complete program right before I left for a 4 day conference for Veterinarians. As a consultant, I went to meet potential clients and strategic partners. This is a new niche market for me and for the first three days, I got nothing! One person said they wanted help getting clients and as soon as they new I was a consultant, they turned cold and walked away (they didn’t know I saw them throw my business card in the trash). On my last night I sat in my room feeling defeated. As my last ditch effort, I busted out some of Ari’s material and read through just a portion of it. With a new mindset and language to match it, I was determined to spend the last four hours of the conference in the method Ari teaches. What did I have to lose? First three full days I got nothing. In the last four hours, I had two veterinarians give me their info and ask me to call them. An industry sales person practically begged me to let him introduce me to his clients throughout three states, and a consultant for Pfizer, who ignored me previously, engaged and suggested I work with him on a project. I couldn’t believe the difference Ari’s approach makes. It is natural, more authentic, and actually fun. I highly recommend his material to everyone and he has become my go to resource for all things sales related.”

Josh McGinnis

Chattanooga, TN