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“Ari’s program made me realize that selling real estate is first about helping my clients, and second my paycheck”

The mindset makes perfect sense and is something I have used before, but it’s gone by the wayside as the pressure increases to sell more real estate deals. After listening to the Unlock The Game program I was shocked to realize how I had forgotten that my goal is to service my clients, not the paycheck. I had a young couple that had dropped off the face of the earth prior to my purchasing your program.  I sent them emails using your wording and then called them to find out they have an uncle that fell into critial condition the day after we found the perfect home for them and kept them from moving forward with purchasing it.

I am so glad my emails were light in nature so that they know I was concerned, not angry.
I need to follow up with them with sensitivity during this serious time. I am planning to do what you say, listen to the cd’s until my mind shifts to this way of selling.
Thanks Again!”

Kay Showalter

Real Estate Broker, Realty One