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“Finally I’ve found a sales approach that feels like ‘home’!

“I used to hate cold calling, because it felt so contrived with scripts and uncomfortable. But now that I have been introduced to your approach that was soooo effective, not scripted, not geared for the sale, but getting people to trust you and finding out whether they are a match or not (the truth). Within the first 20 minutes of speaking with my coach and implementing this new approach, my fear of cold calling disappeared and I had a renewed sense and awareness. I couldn’t believe it. With 29 years of experience at the time and hundreds of motivational seminars, scripts, chanting to myself, affirmations and you name it, finally, I had an approach that felt like ‘home’. An easy, unique and VERY different way that made me feel so comfortable in talking with potential clients. It is the most powerful approach to interacting with people that I have EVER EVER EVER experienced!

After 30 years of being in the business, my perspective is now forever changed. It’s so easy, untraditional and unique, but hugely powerful. I hope you love it as much as I do!

Kim Eisen

RE/MAX Specialists, Inver Grove Heights, MN