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Trust and integrity is the sales process

Let me bottom line this for you Ari. I’m an independent marketing consultant and I’m responsible for a 100% of my own revenue generation. I recently presented my services to a potential client as I normally would.

Of course, I was my usual low-key professional self not using any traditional sales techniques. But at the end of our meeting, a major shift happened. As we were finishing our meeting, he asked “So what’s the next step for us to explore working together?”

I used the exact language that you suggested in your self-study program and here is what he told me “You know, you’re the first Marketing Consultant we’ve talked to that didn’t immediately want to write a proposal and get us to sign it as fast possible. I really respect your candor.

And without skipping another beat, he took out his Palm and asked ME for the follow-up meeting to keep the dialog going. Your Unlock The Game™ program is the “missing link” in selling, and the way you weave trust and integrity into the process is completely unique.

Listen to Larry’s personal feedback below:

Larry Richard

President, Breakthrough Marketing