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“I’ll take Unlock The Game over any sales guru scripts, anytime”

While those in the Real Estate industry around me struggle with “selling scripts”, I have always had a very natural approach to sales, and have stood out because of that. The few times I have struggled has been immediately after reading or hearing some sales guru expound on “techniques.” I have tried to keep that stuff out of my head, and have done so reasonably successfully I think … but you’ll help me dust out any remaining debris.I feel your program will help me be myself more efficiently, and more confidently. You know, I feel like you beat me to it with this program. In the back of my mind I have often said to myself, “I wonder if I could make a career teaching other sales people how to succeed without playing games … indeed, to succeed BECAUSE they don’t play games.” I feel like that’s what you are doing, and I congratulate you. You are a common-sense visionary.”

Mark Allen

Real Estate Broker, Mark Allen Team Realty