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“I put Unlock The Game to the ultimate cold call test, and it worked!”

I ordered your Unlock The Game Mastery program just yesterday and went through the cold calling material right away. I liked what I saw and decided that a true cold call — knowing nothing but the name of the person at a company — would be a great way to test whether just the “language” of what you suggest might bring me better results than the techniques and strategies I’ve been using. I’ve been finding that I kept having to “defend” the call, which was almost always pleasant enough but didn’t engage the other person in a dialogue.
In other words, I was getting nowhere fast. So this morning I randomly picked a CFO to call. I used your suggested language verbatim, and it worked EXACTLY as you said it would, no pressure, no rejection and a booked appointment to boot!

I can’t tell you how relaxed and comfortable the conversation went from start to finish.

I’m looking forward to making more calls and to mastering your Unlock The Game program.

Listen to Mark’s personal feedback below:

Mark Mixer

Senior Consultant, AON Consulting, Atlanta, Georgia