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Now I see how wrong all the other sales gurus are!

Ari, as a consultant, selling my services always felt so inconsistent with everything else I do – like something I had to suit up for, put on the armor and just go do. Whereas consulting is all about understanding clients problems, getting to the root cause and helping them take action. Unlock the Game was really the missing link for me.”Now I see how wrong all the other sales guru’s are. And here’s proof – just weeks after beginning to integrate the mindset into my selling approach, I closed a sizable account in a third of the time it would have taken me before – from months to just a few weeks.The best part of all was that by staying focused on their core problem, I never had to apply any pressure. Not to get the appointment, not to get an in depth meeting with the leadership team, not even to develop the proposal. Talk about the fast track – Every step of the way, they shared the next step in their buying process in a completely frictionless manner. Thanks Ari – Now I can’t wait for the next selling opportunity!

Mike Dalton

Racine, Wisconsin