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“I followed the exact Mindset Ari teaches
and got results right away”

“Ari, your unique sales approach caught my attention the minute I heard about you. What I really like is the calmness and confidence that takes place when the “mindset” is really at work. In the past I’ve played games with myself and psyched myself up to make sales calls. I started out in college selling “Cookware” door to door. As a matter of fact, I worked my way through college from this income. It was “hard nosed” selling and very manipulative approach. Later I was trained to sell life insurance and although the training was a bit more sophisticated, the selling process was still manipulative. Both of these were a painful and stressful. Unlock The Game has turned everything around for me. I no longer play the “chasing game” as you say. I’m not stressed at the end of the day and I finally feel natural when I’m making my sales calls, calm and centered. Unlock the Game is the missing link that will add years to my life!” 

Mike Fisher

Independent Consultant