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“I’m having my best year ever – thanks Ari!”

“I started in sales 5 years ago and was trained to think that dials were the most important thing and work almost like a machine. “It’s all a numbers game” they told me. The more dials you make, the more reaches you have, the more presentations you make, the more sales you make. It was all about how many dials I made, period. That all changed when I bought Ari’s Unlock The Game materials. We started using his Mindset at the beginning of this year, 2008. According to my numbers, 2006 was my best year ever. I made the most dials that year and therefore had made the most money. 2007 was horrible, I was getting burnt out. I was measuring my existence by a bunch of marks on sheet. It was all I had to show for my hard work!

This year I have made half the amount of dials as I made in 2006, and am making more money than I ever did. But here’s the best part. I’m starting to love what I do again. I measure my days not by how many marks I put on my sheet, but by how many relationships I make and how many problems I can solve in a day. This is a much more sane way to live. My current job changes the lives of insurance agents, but yours changes the lives of everyone involved! Thank You Ari.”

Mike Obremski

Insurance Profit Systems