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I Unlocked The Gatekeeper’s Game

Last week I had another breakthrough as a result of your Unlock The Game™ program. I sell advertising and I called a Chiropractic clinic using your cold calling mindset and phraseology, and then took it a step futher: I told the gentleman that answered the phone that I knew that the doctors relied on him to screen out sales people that would waste their time.I went on to say that I was just calling to see if the doctors would be open to some new ideas related to identifying and drawing in more patients/clients.

I unlocked the gatekeeper’s game, and brought honesty into the transaction. The “gatekeeper” ended up talking to me for ten minutes!

And then, as the conversation ended, I figured out that the “gatekeeper” was none other than one of the doctors – he had answered the phones to help out on a busy day. He did not tell me that, but it was clear by his answers to my questions and his obvious authority. So, I was able to engage a decision-maker because I showed respect for the gatekeeper instead of trying to sneak past.

Listen to Mike’s personal feedback below:

Mike Simpson

Senior Consultant, Waller Broadcasting