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“I followed the exact Mindset Ari teaches and got results right away”

Today I went out to meet a client referred to me, with the mindset of seeing if I was a good match for them and if I could help them at all, instead of trying to close a sale. After looking at their needs I felt like I might not have been an ideal fit but still wanted to be open to helping them. I used the exact languaging Ari teaches, coming from a position of being comfortable if they want to find someone who they feel is a better fit for them and giving them a phone number of a collegue of mine who may be able to help them. Guess what, they called me back! Instead of being frustrated for trying hard to close a sale that probably was never there, I was free to feel comfortable that we may not be an ideal fit for each other and allowed them to express that to me and also felt comfortable expressing that to them. That way of thinking made all the difference in the world.”

Paul Stone

IT Call Out Technology