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“Unlock The Game is light years ahead of it’s time giving salespeople hope in a world that’s weary of salespeople”

I’ve discovered since studying the Unlock The Game program how deep and high in quality an actual cold call can be. I have experienced this, becuase since I learned about the Mastery Program process and becoming extremely good friends with the Australian coach here in Newcastle (Adam Price) my life and sales in general have blossomed beautifully.

Being a very successful life coach myself, I’ve never liked the traditional “hard sales” style of selling, because I’ve seen the soul destroying effects it has on sales people, and have had to life coach many people out of the rut they’ve worked themselves into because of constant rejection and failure in their job (sales being one of the main culprits).

When a sales person has to resort to high-pressure sales tactics to try and make their sales quota, they simply hate it, and the pressure has become overbearing for both salespeople and prospects. On top of this, the added stress of having to “pitch” unnaturally to try and make their sales quoata, can literally eat away at them and eventually if left unattended has been known to destroy their entire life.

I truly believe in the low-pressure mindset behind Unlock The Game, which Ari has brilliantly created, I think it’s absolutely phenomenal. As it restores a salesperson’s integrity, sense of purpose and makes them confident and proud to be able to pickup the phone and make calls “successfully” without pain or soul destroying rejection. If you’re considering the possibility of whether this course is worth it… “Do it”, you won’t regret it.

Phil Evans

Newcastle - Australia