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“This program is profound and life changing”

I am loving your program Ari. I’ve been dilligently listening to your CDs and I have taken so much away from them. Yesterday I was working with a client over the phone and I would usually just let the client give me the information and give them a quote. This time I simply asked him to tell me about his situation and I would see if we were going to be a good fit for one another. We were a fit, I developed unprecedented trust and got a quality client. I can see the difference in my clients now. I am able to read them and they are honest with me. I am also becoming an even better listener and overall more effective person. This whole process is great. I listen to to your CDs whenever I am in the car and I find that they are inspiring and half way humorous. Great job Ari!”.

Scott Henderson

Hamman-Miller-Beauchamp-Deeble, Inc