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“I learned that the ‘sale’ doesn’t have to clash with my client’s needs”

I’ve always had a block against ‘selling’, which I assumed I’d just have to deal with if I was going to be successful, however uncomfortable and out of integrity with myself it might make me feel.What I learned from Unlock The Game is that I don’t have to ‘deal with it’ at all…the exact concerns I have about having to sell (the sales techniques I deeply object to having used on me, and don’t like the idea of using on other people!), are things I don’t have to use at all for my business, and would probably end up jeopardising my success if I did. I’ve known in theory about keeping the sales process about the person I’m speaking to, and their issues, but somehow I’ve never quite made the connection between the theory and *how* to apply it without having it feel like just another form of manipulation designed to get that ‘all-important sale’.

I feel a lot more relaxed about (and dare I say it, actually looking forward to selling) the inevitable conversations that I’d originally thought would have to be about sales, because they’ll be helping me get me back to my core purpose for setting up my business in the first place… how can I help people and make their lives better?!

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Tanja Gardner

Partner, Optimum Life, New Zealand