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“We need more Ari Galper’s in the world!”

“I’m using Unlock The Game for everything I’m doing now. You are right, it’s all about TRUST which is never discussed in any of the sales materials that I’ve ever come across. It’s almost a no-brainer after I've gone through your program to realize there were certain behaviors I was doing that was sending my potential customers in the wrong direction. We were told to “sell, sell, sell”, but no one ever gave us a “blueprint” for how to create trust in the sales process. You have, and I thank you so much for that. In the sales industry there is so much negativity and you are the only leader who has had the guts to tell us all through truth of how to make sales the most natural and authentic way. Your material is so simple, yet so powerful. Thank you for sharing with the world. We need more Ari Galpers!”

Lynn Schreiner
Real Estate Agent, Williams Realty

“I got my first listing today from a UTG sales call a 7 unit apartment building listed for $1.6M, that’s $40,000 in commissions!”

“Who sales there’s a real estate recession!? With your approach Ari, there’s plenty of business out there! I am an investment broker with Keller Williams and I have been selling real estate for 23 years. The market has been rough this year and my production is down since my best year in 2005 with about 435K in gross commission income (GCI). I started out the year by taking some coaching classes and business planning sessions and was ready to overcome a tough market. A lot of my strategy was cold calling like never before. However, after 3 months I had a poor ratio of success in terms of how many leads i would get in proportion to the number of calls I made. The old sales scripts just weren’t working anymore. Basically I was just asking people point blank if they wanted to sell their property. Sometimes I would say I had an investor who was looking for a building in their neighborhood.

So after a few months of frustration I found your website and bought everything I could get my hands on that you created. I put everything in my iPod and started listening to them constantly. I realized this was the answer to what I was seeking. I immediately started working on my problem statement and dialogues. I realized I had been coasting with the hot real estate market and had not been feeding my brain all that much.

It only took me a few days to “get it”. Ari, all I can say is that I have wasted years of quality selling time by selling the old way. I don’t want to even think about all the lost opportunities I could have had if I would have found Unlock The Game earlier in my career. Ari, you rock and I can’t wait to buy any future products you come out with!”

Derrick Ruiz
Keller Williams Realty

“So far, I got 2 accepted offers and 3 listings worth over $750,000 thanks to your Unlock The Game Program.”

“Your program is the best kept secret around. It’s funny to see all the other real estate agents running for the hills because they are afraid to approach potential sellers and buyers on the phone. Making a phone call is practically free these days and you have the only program I have ever seen that takes all the rejection and pain out of selling over the phone. Just a few quality calls for me could result in thousands of dollars of commission, so I take your program very seriously. Before I bought your program, I worked for over 4 months with no potential sales in sight. In just a few short days after studying your mastery program, I got 2 accepted offers and 3 listings worth over $750,000. Ari, every real estate broker in America should knocking at your door if they were really smart. Thank you.”

Fred Bermensolo
Investment Specialist, Winstar Realty

“This is amazing and the results are happening so fast!”

“I started using your “mindset” at an open house last weekend meetings with visitors. On Saturday I talked to one couple and sold one house! On Sunday I talked to two couples and sold another house! Needless to say it was really something in this “down” real estate market. Maybe it was just LUCK? Then on Monday, I called one internet lead and ended up talking for about 30 minutes with a very nice gentleman and the result of that dialogue he is coming to town in two weeks to see some houses!! By now, I am getting pretty worried as we all know about the law of averages and it is getting pretty far out of whack so far. Today I talked to one other internet lead and again had a wonderful dialogue for about 30 minutes with a potential client from California! Ari what you have created is amazing.”

Elwood Smith
Realtor, Certified Real Estate Negotiation Expert

“This is amazing and the results are happening so fast.”

”Ari, I love your Unlock The Game program. One part in particular has really made a big difference for me. It relates to a question from a seller (I’m a real estate agent) who asked why they should do business with me (my company, etc.). I said something to the effect of “Well, Mrs. Smith, I’m not necessarily sure that we should yet. May I ask you a few questions to better determine if we’re a good fit?” (Or something like that). Well, Ari, she looked a little surprised at my reaction, and calmed down right away. We both relaxed, and it got easier from that point on. I absolutely love the difference of not sounding scripted, etc. You’re going to put all those old school sales trainers out of business!”

Caroline Karolewicz
Real Estate Broker, Century 21 Realty
“Thanks for creating such a fresh, honest way of establishing relationships with potential customers instead of hard selling them. I am going to start implementing your Unlock The Game into my real estate prospecting asap!”
Beverly Fenello
Real Estate Broker, Keller Williams Realty Consultants
“In Real Estate selling, especially calling FSBOs, overcoming the fear of cold calling can be the single most important factor for having a successful business. Your Unlock The Game ™ is an idea whose time has come and I’m so glad I found it!”
Al Dahl
Real Estate Broker, RE/MAX

“This is separates me from the typical real estate broker stereotype.”

“Everyday I’m see more and more results that I never imagined were possible. There are so many examples of how Unlock The Game has helped met. But what I can tell you is, with so many real estate brokers in the market today, Unlock The Game is the only selling program that makes me standout from the typical ‘real estate broker’ stereotype. In fact, just yesterday, I had a double sided transaction come close to falling apart and I used what I learned in the program and everything turned completely around with smiling faces all around. I made $7,000 dollars on that deal and I spent $497 with you, now that’s a hell of an ROI.”

Doug Veilleux
Real Estate Broker, Alferes Reality
“I would go so far to say that Ari’s approach has the potential to rise to the top of any nationwide sales training program currently available. His Unlock The Game is definitely different than other sales training programs. It makes you re-think your sales approach and provides real strategies to apply immediately, without creating pressure on prospects. I believe your session had an impact on all of my sales people by getting them to truly understand the psychological implications of traditional sales person behavior and how that impacts their sales effectiveness.”
Chris Heermans
VP Sales & Marketing, Fidelity National Title Company
“Ari, your one-hour session was the most eye-opening session I’ve experienced. I love the idea of cutting out the chasing and cutting to the chase. I believe using your Unlock The Game will give a new perspective to my real estate prospecting. I fully believe your approach can bring about more success in obtaining listings and also converting more buyer prospects to actual clients. Thanks again for a most informative hour.”
Annette Calvert
Re/Max Professionals, Highlands Ranch, Colorado

“My fear of cold calling will never again hold me back again.”

“The fear of cold calling has always held me back, but not anymore. I’ve bought all the “salesy” real estate programs out there, but Unlock The Game™ blows all that junk away. It’s the most natural but effective cold calling approach I’ve very seen. I’m now even using it in written communications with homeowners considering finding a broker to represent them in the transaction. There is no doubt that every Real Estate professional should have this program. If not, they are leaving a a lot of money on the table, without even knowing it. As of today, I’m throwing away all of my sales scripts taught by the “gurus” and will now rely on my own natural languaging and approach. Thank you Ari, you are a model for all of us to emulate.”

Dennis Black
Avalar Realty
“My own hesitancy and reluctance is now completely gone, after so many years in the Real Estate business. Unlock The Game has shifted my thinking from “making the sale” to getting to the truth. This is the most profound program to hit the real estate business in the last ten years.”
Scott Forcino
Real Estate Broker/Attorney, SFR Associates

“Ari’s program was the only way to drop my old selling habits.”

“I listened to your free mini-lessons and decided to order your material. Right as I was actually studying your program, I got 3 calls on my call-capture system. So I called them back using exactly what you teach in your program, consciously not trying to sell them, finding out what problems they were having, and then offering my help. From that, I got one appointment, one lead talking to my lender for pre-qualification, and an email correspondence going with the 3rd to give her more information. Thank you for making the obvious so simple.”

Chantaine Bulluck
Real Estate Broker, The Executive Group Realtors

“I’ll take Unlock The Game over any sales guru scripts, anytime.”

“While those in the Real Estate industry around me struggle with “selling scripts”, I have always had a very natural approach to sales, and have stood out because of that. The few times I have struggled has been immediately after reading or hearing some sales guru expound on “techniques.” I have tried to keep that stuff out of my head, and have done so reasonably successfully I think … but you’ll help me dust out any remaining debris.I feel your program will help me be myself more efficiently, and more confidently. You know, I feel like you beat me to it with this program. In the back of my mind I have often said to myself, “I wonder if I could make a career teaching other sales people how to succeed without playing games … indeed, to succeed BECAUSE they don’t play games.” I feel like that’s what you are doing, and I congratulate you. You are a common-sense visionary.”

Mark Allen
Real Estate Broker, Mark Allen Team Realty
“I have been using your program and I’m finding that prospects do respond a lot better when they perceive that the pressure is off. Thanks for opening my eyes to a better solution.”
Paul Chevalier
Senior Broker, Coldwell Banker Commercial NRT
“In this new economy, Unlock The Game definitely makes sense, especially since it’s not a retread of any of the traditional sales training programs currently available. It’s so counter-intuitive, yet incredibly effective. I just sent my sales force through the program and all of them have been giving me excellent feedback. I typically don’t purchase sales training programs because most of them are generic and traditional… but, Ari, you’ve done an excellent job, especially providing the psychological underpinnings of why prospects attempt to control sales people and how we can counteract those attempts.”
Rick Wagner
CEO, Eidon Inc.

“Ari’s program made me realize that selling real estate is first about helping my clients, and second my paycheck.”

“The mindset makes perfect sense and is something I have used before, but it’s gone by the wayside as the pressure increases to sell more real estate deals. After listening to the Unlock The Game program I was shocked to realize how I had forgotten that my goal is to service my clients, not the paycheck. I had a young couple that had dropped off the face of the earth prior to my purchasing your program. I sent them emails using your wording and then called them to find out they have an uncle that fell into critial condition the day after we found the perfect home for them and kept them from moving forward with purchasing it. I am so glad my emails were light in nature so that they know I was concerned, not angry.

I need to follow up with them with sensitivity during this serious time. I am planning to do what you say, listen to the cd’s until my mind shifts to this way of selling. Thanks Again!”

Kay Showalter
Real Estate Broker, Realty One

“Cold calling made painless…your tag line says it all!”

“Guess what Ari? I’ve studied your mastery program and followed your instructions to the “t”! I made all of my cold calls today. The great thing about it was all of my calls were painless. First of all, everybody seemed really happy to hear from me and they appreciated the call. Second of all and most importantly, I got over the initial hump of my cold calling fear and reluctance that was holding me back and giving me grief day in an day out. Thank you so much Ari, can’t wait to learn more!”

Freya Childers
Realtor, Pruneda Real Estate Advisors

“Real Estate selling revolutionized.”

“I entered the real estate field dreading being rejected and associated with the negative real estate stereotype. The real estate field has become so commoditized that everyone and their cousin is now a broker. On day one in my office, I was told to play the “numbers game”, be tough and don’t take “no” for an answer. That was the worst advice I could have ever received. That way of thinking is exactly what feeds the negative real estate broker stereotype. Thank god for Ari’s program. It has revolutionized my thinking and results. My sales are up 50 percent. I feel centered and relaxed, and I don’t feel affected by the negative perception of real estate brokers that everyone else carries.”

Gavin Watts
Realtor, RE/MAX - Australia

“Finally I’ve found a sales approach that feels like ‘home’!

“I used to hate cold calling, because it felt so contrived with scripts and uncomfortable. But now that I have been introduced to your approach that was soooo effective, not scripted, not geared for the sale, but getting people to trust you and finding out whether they are a match or not (the truth). Within the first 20 minutes of speaking with my coach and implementing this new approach, my fear of cold calling disappeared and I had a renewed sense and awareness. I couldn’t believe it. With 29 years of experience at the time and hundreds of motivational seminars, scripts, chanting to myself, affirmations and you name it, finally, I had an approach that felt like ‘home’. An easy, unique and VERY different way that made me feel so comfortable in talking with potential clients. It is the most powerful approach to interacting with people that I have EVER EVER EVER experienced!

After 30 years of being in the business, my perspective is now forever changed. It’s so easy, untraditional and unique, but hugely powerful. I hope you love it as much as I do!

Kim Eisen
RE/MAX Specialists, Inver Grove Heights, MN