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Should You Lower Your Price?

If someone gives you an objection, a pressure on you like, “Your price is too high,” for instance. The number one response to that in sales is usually to defend yourself.  “We’re the best. We have this.” You start to defend, get your shoulders up and say, “We can work with that.” We either get passive or aggressive. There are only two options.

The new sales thinking mindset is different. It’s about diffusing the pressure to preserve the relationship so as to re-engage again. The guy says that your prices too high. In this specific situation, what we’re going to say is, “You’re absolutely right.” Here’s the operative word. “It can be perceived as high. If you haven’t had a chance to use it in your company, see the results, document it, and get the ROI. You’re absolutely right, it appears that way from the outside in. There is no doubt about that.

In this episode of “Stump The Guru Podcast” I want to take you off the path of defending yourself and what you can offer.  Give up trying to persuade and let me show you how prospects feel they can choose you without feeling sold.   I’ve made it my life’s mission to give you the clarity that you are missing in your sales process, through decades of working with thousands of business owners all over the world, refining Trust-Based Selling into a true art form.

This podcast is live, unedited, unrehearsed and with guests from all over the world, from all different industries …. Listen in as I offer coaching you on how you can handle the “Can You Lower Your Price?” situation whilst my guests try to stump me with their challenging sales situations. 

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