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How To Shift From Being Perceived As "Selling" To Being Positioned As A "Doctor" In Your Sales Process!

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The Trusted Authority Mindset: Rules of Engagement

How do you shift from being perceived to be “selling”, to being positioned as a “doctor” in your sales process?

There is only one way: you need to become a Trusted Authority.

Being a Trusted Authority is about a mindset shift you need to adopt, to be able change your behavior to know how to execute a Trusted Authority sales process.

Being a Trusted Authority means you no longer have to “chase” prospects, do free consulting or have to create fake rapport and “relationship-building” to create deep trust between you and your potential client.

When you go see your doctor, do they try and become your friend first?

Do they educate you about the medicine you need before completely diagnosing your problem?

Do you feel your doctor cares about you and has your best interest in mine?

Do you challenge the recommended “treatment plan” given to you after your issues are clearly defined and proven through an “x-ray” process?

Do you ask your doctor if you can speak to his other patients first, before accepting the medicine prescribed to you?

In most cases, the answer to the above questions are a resounding “no”.


Because your doctor is pre-positioned as a Trusted Authority. You are coming for a diagnosis, you’re not coming to “shop” around for a commoditized solution.

Wouldn’t you like to be positioned in the same way? Imagine what it would be like to never be challenged again and never be asked these questions again: “Why should I go with you” or “How are you different?”.

How can you be positioned as unassailable with such respect and trust, that in your first meeting with a new prospect, you are onboarding and not selling?

You do that by shifting your mindset to a Trusted Authority Mindset.

In this gem of a book, you’re going to see all of the key “ahas” I have written down over the past two decades, most of them from my own thinking and some from my mentors that I’ve collected over the years (I’m not sure which ones are from whom, as I just wrote them down as I heard them.)

It’s mission critical that you study every “aha” in this book and make your own notes below each one about how it has shifted your thinking.

If you don’t own the Mindset, you can’t become a Trusted Authority.

Meet The Author

Ari Galper is the world’s number one authority on trust-based selling and is one the most sought-after sales conversion experts for advisors and business owners.

He is the creator of Unlock The Game®, a completely new revolutionary sales approach that overturns the notion of selling as we know it today.

Ari has been featured in CEO Magazine, SkyNews, Forbes, INC Magazine and Financial Advisor Magazine.

His newest book, “The Trusted Authority Mindset: Rules of Engagement, has become an instant best-seller among high-trust advisors worldwide.

With clients in over 35 countries, his global sales systems have become the most successful Trust-Based Selling systems of our time.

In a day and age where technology rules the selling world, for many growth-oriented advisors, deep trust has taken a “back seat” to the sales process.

Ari’s personal insights on how to build trust between buyers and sellers continue to break new ground in virtually every industry.

Ari has been on a mission for the last two decades to change the business world through trust as a foundational principle.

Through his sold-out talks all over the world and his in-house trainings for high-producing advisors, Ari has become the global ambassador to businesses all over the world.

He regularly connects with global business icons and leaders of industries seeking his counsel on how to infuse trust in their organisations and across their teams.

His work in the trust-based selling field, focusing on reversing control of the sales process, from buyer to seller, is considered category-of-one thinking, with over a two decades of proven execution and results.

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