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“Ari, I Have Exceeded All Three Year-To-Date Goals!”

“Hey Ari, I enjoyed getting to meet you in LA at your Sales Breakthrough Summit and wanted to shed some light your way. I closed a deal at the end of the month last month and received my end of month statement (Showing my YTD sales). We have 3 different YTD quotas, equipment sales/goals, margin goals and in the printing business we have print goals. I was informed I have exceeded all three year to date goals already. This was a huge accomplishment for myself since this was my first full year at this company and being the fastest person to go over 100% in their first year.

Additionally, I ended up closing another deal last week that was double my monthly quota. Unlock The Game has helped me so much, and following the mindset and focusing on the way you teach us to create trust has helped more than you can imagine. I have found that applying your system has made the difference from making a sale to making a sale with 20% or more margin added.

Derek Watson
Des Moines, IA

“Your program has had a profound impact on me personally and professionally.”

“Ari, I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for helping me put a stop to my fears of selling and helping me make my personal breakthrough that you talk about. You have created an incredible communication process that creates trust between two parties, applicable not only in sales but in every other aspect of our lives. Every day I listen to your CDs and review your materials to remind myself that I have the skills and abilities reach my sales goals in a way that is authentic to me. Your Mindset and languaging is how all of us feel, but no one has had the you-know-what to put put it into a “system”. Thank you for providing the tools necessary to help me build a natural and holistic approach to selling. Unlock The Game is life changing and I thank you for that!”

Andy Collier
Greenway Medical Technologies

“I’m seeing massive results within a short period of time after implementing Unlock The Game.”

“Ari, your low key but effective sales approach is nothing short of amazing. As a seasoned IT professional, I’ve been through every sales program you can imagine, Our entire industry is about pushing and breaking through to the decision maker, which feels so one-sided. It takes massive energy on my part to drum up the strength to keep pounding away at the phone — and thank god, those days are finally over! I can really feel the difference now that I’ve implemented Unlock The Game. With your low-key yet effective approach, I’m already seeing massive results. You have formulated something I suspected for many years, that old school selling is dead and that genuine authentic trust is what selling is really about. Thanks Ari, an amazing program!”

Gerry Rolan
Net Nation International

“A massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders.“

“The moment I received the Unlock The Game program, I absorbed every word. It has made all of the difference in the world. I no longer have to work myself up to make cold calls and, the shift to your mindset has relaxed my style and taken a massive weight off my shoulders. I will always be a dedicated student of your teachings.”

Adam Price
Sales & Marketing Manager, Leading Edge Computers Lambton - Australia
“In the first month of using your Unlock The Game strategies, I did a $436k Sale, and starting March for Q1 did 1.9 million POS for my assigned regions, also added out region Sales, for May my regional team play be part in bring in 75 million. At our quarterly meeting, got an e-mail from the President, and I shared with him about changing my mindset in order to build relationships and that the rest will happen from there, he said it sounded great! So I am having a blast selling and totally enjoying my days. I am not chasing sales anymore, and I’m working at managing my time to serve all the inbound contacts and teams.
Paul Williams
Sales Consultant, ViewSonic

“What we spent investing in Ari’s program has been made back countless times over.”

Ari, your mindset rocks! I feel so much calmer in all my business interactions (and that alone has improved the quality of my life). What we spent investing in your program has been made back countless times over. There have only ever been a handful of books and programs that I can look back on and know that they’ve really made a difference and Unlock The Game is at the top of the list. You are changing lives both in the sales world and outside that world.Everything has change for me from more income, better relationships and just a healthy respect for other people. You”re a gift Ari and what you teach is so needed in this world. I wish you massive success and deep happiness. You’ve done a good thing!

Andrew Douglas
Direct Marketing Software

“Your program is simply revolutionary and we have implemented it throughout our entire company.”

“I’ve been in sales for years and have read every sales book and CD I could get my hands on — I could have saved myself thousands of dollars if I would have found Unlock The Game when I started out in sales. This is the sales approach I have been looking for (and dreaming about) for years. Why do the old sales gurus have to make this process so hard? You’ve been able to codify the most natural and authentic approach to selling I have ever seen. We have implemented everything we have learned from you across our sales teams, in our email communication and in every way we connect with a new customer. You are the “guru” of the “gurus” that everyone should be paying attention to. Thanks Ari for creating Unlock The Game, it’s makes sales painless and easy.

Peter Morrissey
Asset Outsourcing Pty Ltd
“Ari, thank you for your Unlock The Game. After nearly 20 years of IT selling, I had come to the conclusion that all sales training programs were basically the same (I own hundreds of books, CD, audios, etc) and your approach is truly different. Getting to the truth and focusing on the clients problems versus my pitch is refreshing. Your approach to avoiding leaving voice mail works!”
Sean Shea
Major Account Manager, Expert Server Group
“We have begun to change our mindsets and we are really enjoying it and our results are great so far. John even had a customer verbally commit to a $20,000 order, and he wasn’t even trying to make a sale! He was just calling to find out some information about their situation using your approach. The customer literally engaged himself by the mere fact that I wasn’t trying to “sell” him. Thank you so much for finally documenting the “truth” about selling.”
Mitch Fine
Sales Team Coach, Bizcom USA

“My sales have increased significantly after using your new cold calling ideas.”

“My sales have increased after using your new cold calling ideas. I am no longer getting the negative responses that I used to get. I just feel so relieved that now I can really connect with new people on the phone without rejection. Thank you so much much for all your knowledge and advice on how to make my cold calling so much easier and enjoyable. The U.K. has needed this approach for such a long time and thankfully it’s finally here.”

Toye Oshunbiyi
CEO/Business Coach, Compass Coaching & Training Ltd., U.K.
“Unlock The Game finally gives me and my sales team a validation of what we’ve all known for years: behaving, in any way, like a traditional sales person (i.e. using pressure-triggering words, determined voice tone, over-confidence, etc.), causes immediate defensiveness by prospective clients. Usually that defensiveness is subtle and hidden behind the façade of “I’ll think about it, call me in a few weeks or send me information. Unlock The Game™ goes “behind the scenes” with a non-aggressive approach that is one of the most intelligent sales approaches I’ve ever seen. We will never go back to traditional selling… Ari, I’m now a believer. Thank you. ”
Casey Guss
CEO, Acrendo Software, Inc.
“Ari, your program was just what the doctor ordered to improve the productivity of our sales team. We’ve used your tools and implemented your program and now I’m happy to say we have seen at least a 50% increase in our sales activity. We are now officially incorporating the Unlock The Game™ into our new sales employee orientation process.”
Kim T. Folsom
CEO, Service-Trax, Inc.

“All the cold calling tension is gone.”

“I’ve started to incorporate your Unlock The Game approach into my daily activities and can say I’ve already seen great results. I’m not sure why I’m so amazed, but it’s incredible the amounts of information I’m getting from my phone calls. What I’ve noticed is I’m forgetting to speak about my services. Instead, all the tension is gone. I easily create a natural dialogue with people over the phone. It’s like pushing a button and just instantly removing the sales tension that usually is hidden behind the cold calling conversation.”

Peter Trombetti
Vice President, AMK Consulting Group
“I’m truly amazed that Corporate America hasn’t fully caught on to Ari’s Unlock The Game yet. As a billion dollar corporation, we need to stay competitive and ahead of the curve…that is why we have brought his program in-house. It’s exactly what the sales industry has needed for years…an approach that is innovative, intelligent, non-aggressive, and incomparable to any other sales training program I’ve seen over that last 20 years.”
Don Newton
Regional Vice President, Brother International Corporation
“Ari, your profound ideas have re-conditioned my warrior/battle mindset to more of a casual conversation mindset as if I was at a wine-tasting event. You have helped me bring to the surface my true convictions with prospective clients, which grounds me in who I am and surprisingly builds a strong bond of trust with new potential clients.”
Bill Grady
Corporate Account Manager, Expert Server Group

“I followed the exact Mindset Ari teaches and got results right away.”

“Today I went out to meet a client referred to me, with the mindset of seeing if I was a good match for them and if I could help them at all, instead of trying to close a sale. After looking at their needs I felt like I might not have been an ideal fit but still wanted to be open to helping them. I used the exact languaging Ari teaches, coming from a position of being comfortable if they want to find someone who they feel is a better fit for them and giving them a phone number of a collegue of mine who may be able to help them. Guess what, they called me back! Instead of being frustrated for trying hard to close a sale that probably was never there, I was free to feel comfortable that we may not be an ideal fit for each other and allowed them to express that to me and also felt comfortable expressing that to them. That way of thinking made all the difference in the world.”

Paul Stone
IT Call Out Technology

“I don’t have to suffer chasing prospects any more, because now they call me back!”

“I followed your advice and it worked perfectly! I couldn’t sleep for days thinking about having to chase down one of my prospects. She gave me all of the buying signals, everything from saying she was interested, to calling to ask me to submit a proposal. She told me to call her back a few weeks after the submission date and of course I did. I left her a voice mail, no call back. I emailed her, no reply. She just disappeared on me. I finally decided to take your advice and not put pressure on her by chasing her anymore. Instead I used your mindset and the phrases you have in your program and boom, it worked like a charm, she told me exactly what I wanted to hear!”

Norma Jackson
Balmar Services Inc.
“Unlock The Game has taken the pressure out of cold calling, and actually made cold calling fun; more importantly, I’m now having a much higher success ratio in making meaningful progress on each call. The methods and techniques Ari teaches makes an immediate impact on my ability to get to the decision makers quickly and to be in the driver’s seat from first call to close.”
Mark Amundson
Senior Consultant, Alteer Software
“Your program is extremely effective. It is an approach that I wish was around when I began my sales career. It has had an immediate impact on our ability to engage new customers, beginning from cold calling (which is now a breeze) all the way through the sales cycle. Ari, feel free to have any prospective client give me a call at (760) 230-2052 and I’d be happy to share with them how your mindset has improved our sales effectiveness.”
Jake Jacoby
Chief Executive Officer, Singlefin, Inc.
“Ari has been a cornerstone of the success of our company in the building and training of our sales organization. He combines energy, creativity and a deep knowledge of the sales process.”
John Hentrich
President and CEO, WebSideStory
“It’s refreshing to work with someone who is dynamic, focused, and results-oriented. Ari continues to impress me with his creative sales strategies and the long-term relationships that he continues to build.”
Derek Cohen
Regional Sales Manager, North America, QUALCOMM

“Thank you for such a refreshing change to an age-old painful problem.”

“Hey Ari! I have studied Anthony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Tom Hopkins, Earl Nightingale, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Wayne Dyer…and so many more. I have hired and trained hundreds of sales people over the years…and I have to tell ya…I am totally blown away by your program, approach and techniques! I have already referred two very good friends of mine to join your program…and they are doing it! Just in a couple of days time, I am already experiencing incredible results in my business…sales…and personal life. Thank you for such a new and fresh look at the TRUE “Psychology of Selling” I know how much the ego loves to be stroked…but honestly…this is such a great program! Thanks again!

Ken Walls
Client Solution Innovations
“In a tough selling climate it is getting more difficult by the day to gain mindshare of executives that can actually purchase. In a quest to “hone my craft” I found your program. The seminar tonight was encouraging and I am looking forward to exploring and incorporating these techniques into my daily activities. Keep up the good work!”
Brian Boukal
Sales Account Manager, Precise Software Solutions
“I truly enjoyed last night’s seminar on objections. The interactive format made it much more free & easy than other lecture type seminars that I’ve attended. I’m very excited about “that’s not a problem,” and will start using the concepts almost immediately.”
Ira Stoller
Sales Account Manager, Micro Strategies, Inc.
“Thanks for your seminar! I had 2 telemarketers listening and you could see them catching on. Your approach to initiate a dialog with the prospect should help a great deal.”
Steve Rosenstein
Sales Manager, Figtree Consulting
“I have read your cold calling E-book and I have to say it’s so refreshing. Already I feel so different making that cold call…there’s no pressure on me or the client.”
Peter Smith
Account Manager, GFI, U.K.
“I Listened to your CDs and loved them. The cold calling PDF you emailed me was the most helpful! I am so excited, I made 3 cold calls just this morning and instead of getting irritated people rushing me off the phone, I was able to have conversations. It is amazing how effective asking for help, saying I don’t know and lowering your tone can be! Thanks Ari.”
Peter Herman
Senior Account Manager, Qwest Communications
“Ari’s approach provides the ability for our sales force to relate to prospects as people first. This means we can sidestep the stressfully and tedious “sales dance” and quickly determine if there is mutual benefit for further engagement. In a conference call with Ari, we challenged him to demonstrate his approach in a live prospect call. He did so with great success. After further study of his approach, my sales reps no longer dread cold calling. The mindset has invigorated the sales force and has already helped open new accounts. Thanks Ari!”
Charlie Leffingwell
Sales Manager, Expert Server Group
“At first I was skeptical that Ari’s ideas would eliminate my nervousness when making cold calls, but to my pleasant surprise I realized today that I don’t actual feel nervous any more and I’m now quietly confident and very relaxed.”
Phillip Bugler
Senior Consultant, Continuum Services - Australia

“I’m a numbers guy and using Ari’s cold calling email techniques have brought me a flood of new leads.”

“This is the most intelligent and smartest sales training I have ever seen. I’ve been using Ari’s Mastery Program ideas in my emails that I send to prospects. The results have been nothing short of amazing. One prospect even wrote me back and said “I get hundreds of sales type emails every day. These are usually quite aggressive that offer fantastic benefits etc. These are deleted almost without exception. Your approach did not follow that line and was non-threatening hence we are talking today.” If you don’t have Ari’s program, you are still in the selling dark ages”.

Gary Street
Managing Director, Total Utilities Management Group, New Zealand

“Your Unlock The Game is nothing short of amazing!”

“Thank you for the content you bring to the world. Your Unlock The Game, is amazing. Talk about connecting at a deep level; this gives you the mindset to understand what it takes to connect in a very deep way. I didn’t mean for this to be a plug for your product it is just that incredibly powerful. I have been listening now to your program and it has totally changed my view on selling and relationships. Your Mindset is the key. But the way to release the pressure from the sales process is what makes this so powerful. I hate selling and that’s all I have ever done. Now I have a new way to do things, the right way to do things…I am personally going thru a career change, this makes my path to success a much easier trip. Tell Toby I said Hello. Thank you!"

Peter Kici
Chiluota, Florida

“Unlock The Game has taught me to be grounded, centered and present with my prospect clients!”

“Always in the past where I would be chasing after prospects and then after months of chasing-they would say either, “Stop calling me!” or “I’ve already gone with someone else.” I don’t have to worry about that as I can now know where they stand thanks to your program. I’m able to get through to over over 90% of my decision makers and have a dialogue with them as they realize that I’m thinking about their needs and not assuming that I can help them which they’re shocked about because this is the normal assumption that all sales reps make when they’re calling them. One thing that I’ve noticed whenever I talk to prospects is I go rather deep with them on a call. They simply talk about their challenges, issues and problems without me even suggesting it to them. It has allowed me to easily to see if they are a fit. My results have increased for the better!”

Derek Wisniewski
Ontario, Canada